2017 has so far been a ban­ner year for vo­lu­mis­ing mas­cara, with great new for­mu­las launch­ing at every price point. Rachel Marie Walsh counts down her top ten

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of­ten does your new mas­cara pro­duce lashes as thick as the cam­paign model’s? In April, the UK’s Ad­ver­tis­ing Stan­dards Author­ity banned TV ads for Rim­mel’s Scan­daleyes Reloaded Mas­cara, rul­ing them mis­lead­ing. The voiceover promised “ex­treme lashes…ex­treme wear” with­out men­tion­ing Cara Delev­ingne’s in­di­vid­ual lash in­serts or how some lashes were re-drawn in post-pro­duc­tion. I was pleased but sur­prised by the in­ter­ven­tion. I as­sume that, anal­o­gous to man­i­festos and politi­cians, we ex­pect makeup ads to over­promise and prod­ucts to un­der­per­form. Both, be­tween pro­fes­sional preen­ing and am­bigu­ous lan­guage, “sell hope,’ as Revlon founder Charles Rev­son once said. We learn that early. I no­ticed a dig­i­tal­en­hance­ment con­fes­sion small­printed par­al­lel to Sarah Michelle Gel­lar’s May­belline-d lashes in Seven­teen many moons ago and thought ‘yes, duh’.

You don’t of­ten sue politi­cians for be­tray­ing an elec­tion prom­ise or re­turn vo­lu­mis­ing mas­cara, though, you sim­ply take your busi­ness else­where next time.

The lat­ter is ev­ery­day wear, mak­ing eyes ap­pear open and in­ter­ested while negat­ing the need for falsies, so I do test them all. These 2017 for­mu­las are ranked purely by vo­lu­mis­ing im­pact, though a cou­ple have other nice fea­tures. 10. Revlon Mega Mul­ti­plier Mas­cara, €14.99 Mega Mul­ti­plier coats evenly and dries in tubes around each lash, set­ting smooth and clump-free. The for­mula adds a good amount of length and curl to lashes. It wears well with no flak­ing or smudg­ing, though real vol­ume is only at­tained with sev­eral ap­pli­ca­tions. Sen­si­tive types should be aware of the per­fumed for­mula. 9. MAC Bold&Bad Mas­cara, €25.50 MAC’s mas­cara range is crowded and prod­ucts of­ten over­lap. Big&Bold’s pack­ag­ing is unique: a tube duo with dis­tinct bris­tles and for­mu­las for up­per and lower lashes. A fat brush and bulk­ing in­gre­di­ents em­bold­ens the up­per set while a more dainty mix de­fines the lower. The ini­tial look is el­e­gant but it takes a cou­ple of coats to see real vol­ume. 8. Givenchy Noir In­ter­dit Lash Ex­ten­sion Ef­fect Mas­cara, €34 Givenchy’s lat­est has a 90° bend­able brush that lets you reach and coat awk­ward lashes with­out tug­ging.

Give this a miss if you do you makeup in tran­sit, it is a bit fid­dly, but the colour de­posit is black lac­quer and a sin­gle coat pro­vides de­cent vol­ume. 7. L’Oréal Vo­lu­mi­nous Lash Par­adise Mas­cara, €12.99 I don’t know that L’Oréal fans re­ally needed an­other vo­lu­mis­ing mas­cara, the range is high per­form­ing and packed, but I do like the pink-gold pack­ag­ing.

Do not be put off by the 200+ wavy bris­tles, they sep­a­rate lashes beau­ti­fully and de­posit even, clump-free colour. Again, how­ever, you need to ap­ply quite a bit to get to ‘Vol­ume Lash Par­adise.’ 6. Lancôme Mon­sieur Big Mas­cara, €27.50 (above) Mon­sieur Big is the cheap­est of LanHow côme’s mas­caras and has a some­what ‘grunge’ look that makes a sin­gle coat look like three, so this is a rel­a­tive bar­gain.

It has a chunky brush sim­i­lar to that of May­belline’s ‘Colos­sal’ fam­ily and clearly de­fines lashes.

This one is not great at keep­ing them curled, though, and freshly-curled lashes looked straighter after ap­pli­ca­tion. 5. La Roche-Posay Re­spec­tis­sime Vol­ume Mas­cara, €19.45 at look­fan­tas­ La Roche-Posay’s first at­tempt at eye makeup is a pleas­ant sur­prise. The brand claims Re­spec­tis­sime cre­ates 15 times more vo­lu­mi­nous lashes, but the for­mula con­tains noth­ing likely to bother sen­si­tive eyes and does give lashes a nice boost. My favourite el­e­ment is the brush, which evenly coats the lash with a sub­stan­tial amount of prod­uct in one stroke in or­der to limit eye ir­ri­ta­tion. 4. Christian Bre­ton End­less Lash Vo­lu­mis­ing Mas­cara, €22 at beau­ty­ex­ Christian Bre­ton, whose mother pi­o­neered DNA-re­lated der­ma­tol­ogy re­search in France, spe­cialises in anti-age­ing skin­care but his makeup range is quite well-de­vel­oped. I like his lat­est, par­tic­u­larly as the brand makes none of the growth claims for it that it does for his two more ex­pen­sive lash for­mu­las. Mas­caras and serums that claim to en­cour­age lash growth are con­di­tion­ing at best.

Bre­ton’s End­less Lash has a great fine-lash grab­bing brush and a for­mula that pro­vide long-wear­ing length as well as sub­stan­tial vol­ume. 3. YSL Vinyl Cou­ture Mas­cara, €32.50, on coun­ters Septem­ber 15 (left) Now we’re at faux lash-ef­fect level! Vinyl Cou­ture is a strik­ing mix of su­per-vo­lu­mis­ing mas­cara and bold colours.

Fuch­sia, but­ter­cup yel­low and royal blue are bright­est, though you re­ally can­not miss the gold and sil­ver top­coat ver­sions ei­ther. I like that YSL’s given both prom­ises equal weight here, I’ve tried many brightly-pig­mented mas­caras that are phys­i­cal­ef­fect fail­ures and vice-versa. There is a car­bon shade, ‘Clash,’ if you are Ford-ian about colour. 2. Estée Lauder Multi Ef­fects, €31, on coun­ters Au­gust 27 (left) Fans of Estée Lauder’s mois­turis­ers may know that, be­yond adding skin­per­fect­ing makeup in­gre­di­ents, the brand typ­i­cally chucks an ex­ten­sive list of plants oils into each jar. Oils are dense.

This for­mula does indeed con­tain ar­gan, jo­joba and co­conut oils but ap­par­ently far higher con­cen­tra­tions of pro­tein fibers and colour pig­ments, as it holds a thick, glossy curl for hours.

The brush is dou­ble-sided, with ny­lon fiber bris­tles to build vol­ume and moulded sil­i­cone teeth to sep­a­rate. This mas­cara comes in lim­it­ededi­tion pur­ple, green and blue shades as well as clas­sic black. 1. Dior Dior­show Pump ’N’ Vol­ume Mas­cara, €35 Dior­show steals the whole show with Pump ’N’ Vol­ume, this year’s best new mas­cara.

The look is dra­matic and glam­orous and very much worth the money if you aren’t also fork­ing out for dis­pos­able lashes.

If you squeeze the tube to “warm and soften the for­mula and fully load the brush,” the bris­tles grow thor­oughly sat­u­rated and lashes look even thicker. Given Bella Ha­did’s su­per-nat­u­ral, in­au­then­tic look in the cam­paign, I can safely de­clare this mas­cara better than ad­ver­tised.

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