Trade still red hot as farm­ers and fac­to­ries go head to head

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freshly calved Friesian heifer at En­nis Mart. The gen­eral run for the heifers at the Clare premises was €1,200-1,500, with cows mak­ing €1,000-1,400 de­pend­ing on age and qual­ity. Friesian bull calves for the Span­ish mar­ket sold for €100-130 while stronger types made €140-170.

Kilkenny Mart re­ported a slightly tougher trade than nor­mal for the plainer cat­tle, es­pe­cially the steers. Heifer num­bers were up and trade was ex­tremely brisk for all fe­males. There were 1,230 head of stock for sale in to­tal.

Prices for lighter store bul­locks were up €20-40 on the pre­vi­ous week and sold for €350-710 over the weight, while plainer lots made €300400 over. The best of the heavy bul­locks made up to €730 over.

At Bal­ly­mote Mart, bul­locks un­der 400kg made €250-455 over. Lots weigh­ing 400-500kg sold for €300-570 over. Heav­ier types over 500kg made €400630. Light heifers un­der 300kg sold for €220-445 with their weight. The 300-500kg heifers achieved € 280-645 over the €/kg, while over 500kg sold for €320-500 over.

Beef bul­locks ranged from € 330-725 over the € 1/ kg at En­nis­cor­thy Mart, with the stores sell­ing for € 300-645 over. The fin­ished heifer made from €285 over up to a tops of €700 over for the best of the fe­males. Prices for the stores ran at € 260-590 with the weight. The cull cows made €125-515 over.

Friesian bulls at the calf sale sold for € 105-310 while the black and white heifers made €215-365. Con­ti­nen­tal bulls sold in a range of €250-485 with the heifers at €225-385. Here­ford and An­gus bulls made €215-400.

The heifers in those breeds made €155-345.

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