Prop­ertreat­men­twill keep oats free of mildew

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AP­PROX­I­MATELY 40pc of win­ter oats were ploughed up this year. Of the acreage ploughed up, around half that was re­planted with spring oats.

Re­cent ob­ser­va­tions of crops which were dam­aged but not ploughed up show that the crops are thin and weedy. Yield ex­pec­ta­tions are not high in these crops. How­ever, on a pos­i­tive note, these crops are now grow­ing strongly and are at, or ap­proach­ing, sec­ond node stage.

Gen­er­ally oats (win­ter or spring) will re­ceive three fungi­cides, al­though some years two ap­pli­ca­tions are suf­fi­cient on spring oats.

Mildew is the big­gest risk in oats from early on and then rusts (mostly in south­ern coun­ties) and red leather leaf disease can be­come a prob­lem. In win­ter oats this year the first fungi­cide is likely to be in­cluded with the growth reg­u­la­tor at sec­ond node. Disease lev­els are low, with no re­ports of mildew, al­though given the weather at the mo­ment an in­crease in mildew lev­els should be ex­pected. The in­clu­sion of To­cata or a mix­ture of Me­nara and Tal­ius, etc will con­trol the disease un­til head­ing out. The fi­nal fungi­cide should be ap­plied at the head­ing out stage. Prod­ucts which can be used are To­cata, Fur­long, Jen­ton, Foli­cur + Amis­tar/Comet, etc.

Gen­er­ally, use around three-quar­ters of the la­bel rate to get good per­sis­tence and colour on the oats.

Spring oat fungi­cide pro­grammes are sim­i­lar to win­ter oats, es­pe­cially the later tim­ings as men­tioned above. It’s im­por­tant to keep an eye on spring oats from an early stage (from early to mid tiller­ing) to pre­vent mildew.

If mildew gets es­tab­lished it will be hard to shift and will cost more to stop it get­ting out of con­trol later in the sea­son. Prod­ucts like Tal­lius (a pre­ven­ta­tive prod­uct with good per­sis­tence) or other fungi­cides such as Cor­bel, Tern, etc can be used.

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