Buyer competition drives up store prices by ¤40/hd

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€300/hd. Here­ford bull calves sold for €250-350, while the heifers sold for €180-260 each.

Heavy wean­ling bulls made €1.90-2/kg, the 300-350kg bulls made €2-2.50/kg, heifer wean­lings sold for €2-2.20/kg, good fat cull cows made €2/kg, while feed­ing cows sold for €1.45-1.70/kg. Beef bul­locks made €1.90-2/kg and stores sold for €2-2.30/kg, while plainer types made €1.70-1.80/kg. Store heifers sold for €2-2.15/kg, while beefy heifers made €2/kg. Con­ti­nen­tal butcher types ran at €1.60-2.15/kg and stores made €2-2.54/kg.

Friesian cull cows ranged from €1.10-1.60/kg, or €80380 over their weight, while con­ti­nen­tal cows made €1.40-1.75/kg, which re­flected a price range of €250-625 over the €/kg.

Top class bulls over 600kg sold for €305-945 over the weight at Raphoe Mart. Beef bul­locks sold for €555-765 over, while stores made €275710 over the €/kg. Beef heifers sold for €330-715 over, store heifers made €240 over the weight, up to a top price of €875, and dry cows made €500-1,215 each.

Cat­tle prices rose by €3040/hd for the 1,050 an­i­mals on of­fer at Wex­ford Farm­ers’ Mart this week. Beef bul­locks made €400-800 over the €/kg, while stores sold for €370-660 over. Store heifers made €300-580 over the weight and beef and butcher heifers sold for €300-600 over. Prices for cull cows were €150-600 over the weight.

With 350 calves for sale, con­ti­nen­tal bulls made €250450 and heifers sold for €220400. Friesian bull calves for ship­ping made €120-145 each, while stronger Friesians sold for €166-247. Here­ford and An­gus bulls made €160-320/hd and heifers €135-275 each.

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