Claas adds fea­tures to Vari­ant range of balers

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THE Vari­ant 385 – 360 range of vari­able round balers from Claas has been given s e ve­ral new fea­tures for the new sea­son. The vari­able cham­ber Claas Vari­ant is ideal for bal­ing hay, straw or silage, thanks to the freely se­lectable bale di­am­e­ter and a higher level of com­paction in com­par­i­son with fixed cham­ber sys­tems.

For 2014, Vari­ant 360, 365, 380 and 385 mod­els will now be avail­able with the new 2.35m wide XXL pick-up, giv­ing it the widest pick-up on the mar­ket for round balers.

By en­abling the Vari­ant to bale wider straw and grass swathes, this en­sures that the high per­for­mance po­ten­tial of the baler can be fully ex­ploited.

How­ever, the pick-up has not only been made wider; it has also been given au­to­matic chain ten­sion­ing.

Claas says that this helps re­duce main­te­nance time. The oil reser­voir has also been en­larged from 3.0 litres to 6.3 litres and in­cor­po­rates an in­te­grated fil­ter and con­tin­u­ous chain lubri­ca­tion to again help re­duce main­te­nance time.

To en­sure that the chains on the Vari­ant are al­ways pro­vided with suf­fi­cient oil, the quan­tity of oil can now be ad­justed ac­cord­ing to re­quire­ment.

In ad­di­tion, a cen­tral lubri­ca­tion sys­tem is also op­tion­ally avail­able on the Vari­ant 385 – 360, with all lubri­ca­tion points cen­trally sup­plied with oil via two cen­tral lubri­ca­tion blocks.

In ad­di­tion, the hy­draulic per­for­mance of the balers has also been in­creased, so the bale dis­charge is now com­pleted within just six sec­onds, with the re­sult that the process of open­ing and clos­ing the tail­gate (with­out ty­ing time) is now 30pc quicker than with the old mod­els.

As an op­tion, Vari­ant balers can also be fit­ted with the mois­ture sen­sor from the Quad­rant range.

In­te­grated into the left-hand side of the tail­gate, the crop mois­ture con­tent is dis­played on the Claas Com­mu­ni­ca­tor 2 ter­mi­nal, which is used to op­er­ate and mon­i­tor the en­tire work process from the cab.


Mean­while, the Ger­man firm has also an­nounced changes to its big square baler range. Since the first Claas Quad­rant baler was launched in 1988, the baler has been pop­u­lar on ac­count of its ideal size for trans­port, high bale den­sity and out­put.

For 2014, Claas now of­fers the widest range of bale di­men­sions and cut­ter sys­tems on the mar­ket, the most pop­u­lar be­ing the 120x70cm bale, pro­duced by the Quad­rant 3200 and Quad­rant 2200 Ad­van­tage.

In to­tal, the Claas Quad­rant big square baler prod­uct range now in­cludes six mod­els (3400, 3300, 3200, 2200, 2100, 1150) with five bale sizes from 80x50cm to 120x100cm and three dif­fer­ent feed and cut­ting sys­tems, the Roto Feed (RF), Roto Cut (RC) and Fine Cut (FC).

For 2014, a new fea­ture for the Quad­rant 2200 Ad­van­tage is the XXL pick-up which has a work­ing width of 2.35m, full width pick-up auger and piv­ot­ing guide wheels.

This al­lows a clean pick-up from even wider straw and grass swathes, es­pe­cially at high work­ing speeds.

To en­sure that ma­te­rial is quickly cleared from the pickup and high out­puts main­tained, the Quad­rant 2200 is fit­ted with the pow­er­ful yet gen­tle Roto Feed ro­tor tech­nol­ogy from the Quad­rant 3200 which in­cor­po­rates the heavy-duty Power Feed­ing Sys­tem with con­tin­u­ous-feed auger.


Also bor­rowed from the Quad­rant 3200 is the Turbo Fan knot­ter clean­ing sys­tem with 150pc more air vol­ume, which pro­tects the six Claas knot­ters from dirt and thereby pro­vides top-qual­ity ty­ing, es­pe­cially when bal­ing short straw.

Fol­low­ing the in­tro­duc­tion of a new Roto Cut ver­sion of the Quad­rant 3300, this now means that six Quad­rant 3300 vari­ants are avail­able, pro­duc­ing a bale mea­sur­ing 120x90cm.

Like the Quad­rant 2200 Ad­van­tage, the Quad­rant 3200 and Quad­rant 3300 are also fit­ted with a 2.35m pick-up with a Power Feed­ing Sys­tem (PFS) auger and a dou­ble roller crop press.

Both balers also in­cor­po­rate a new spi­ral ro­tor with 52 dual tines, which trans­ports the crop more ef­fi­ciently and quickly to the precham­ber.

The ac­tive feed by the ro­tor has meant that it has also been pos­si­ble to raise the crop in­take on the ro­tor side of the pick-up.

A unique fea­ture on both the Quad­rant 3200 RC / FC and the Quad­rant 3300 RC is the knife drawer that can be ex­tended on both sides, of­fer­ing con­ve­nient ac­cess to the blades for main­te­nance and blade changes.

The blades are ar­ranged in four groups, which can be selected eas­ily with a lever and hy­drauli­cally piv­oted out.

The flex­i­bil­ity pro­vided by the blade groups en­ables the balers to be used uni­ver­sally, with high ca­pac­ity for short straw.

Other fea­tures also in­clude the hy­drauli­cally-low­ered drop-floor in the cut­ting cham­ber, which is low­ered au­to­mat­i­cally if the unit is over­loaded, al­low­ing the driver to re­move any pos­si­ble block­ages with­out leav­ing his seat.

Both balers also come with a pre-cham­ber which helps in­crease bale den­sity by hold­ing the ma­te­rial and pre­com­press­ing it ahead of the main cham­ber.

The op­er­a­tor has the op­tion of three set­tings, all selected us­ing the Com­mu­ni­ca­tor II con­trol ter­mi­nal from in­side the cab.

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