Pow­er­ful, in­tel­li­gent an­i­mals with first class con­sti­tu­tions

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are also to be found.

COAT The coat of the Kerry Bog Pony is long and dense and eas­ily ca­pa­ble of with­stand­ing harsh win­ter con­di­tions with­out shel­ter.

HEAD The head is pleas­ant, plain and of av­er­age size and rather dish-faced. Ears are small and pointed. Nostrils al­low large air in­take rel­a­tive to body size. The jaw is strong and well formed with ex­cel­lent den­ti­tion to fa­cil­i­tate graz­ing on heath, gorse and heather.

BODY Neck is strong and medium length. The shoul­der is rounded and mus­cu­lar. The body is strong and com­pact.

The chest is deep with well-sprung ribs and good girth.

Loins are pow­er­ful and the hindquar­ters are long and well-formed. The tail is full, abun­dant and well set and well car­ried.

LEGS Forelegs are strong and mus­cu­lar with a strong fore­arm. Hind legs are mus­cu­lar and pow­er­ful. The can­non bone is short with flat hard bone of good size. Pasterns are short and the hooves up­right and wide open and well formed of hard horn re­quir­ing very lit­tle trim­ming.

AC­TION The KBP is a pow­er­ful pony with good bone and great weight and strength rel­a­tive to its size. Com­bined with an ex­cel­lent conformation, this gives the pony a lovely straight and level ac­tion with good bal­ance. This in­tel­li­gent pony is sure footed and well ca­pa­ble of think­ing for it­self in the soft un­der­foot con­di­tions of Kerry bogs.

TEM­PER­A­MENT AND CHAR­AC­TER This pony, while kind, sen­si­ble and con­fi­dent and well man­nered also pos­sesses great courage and en­durance.

Vi­cious­ness or ner­vous­ness has been bred out of the KBP at a much ear­lier stage. Sound­ness is also a fea­ture of the KBP; hered­i­tary un­sound­ness is ex­tremely rare and be­cause of the pony’s in­nate strength and tough­ness it scarcely ever de­vel­ops any un­sound­ness.

The an­i­mal’s con­sti­tu­tion is also first class, be­ing pos­sessed of large heart and lung room which in turn en­ables it to thrive well in spite of harsh weather or other dif­fi­cul­ties.

The ex­cel­lent tem­per­a­ment of the pony al­lows it to be eas­ily trained to har­ness or sad­dle and it can be eas­ily worked as a chil­dren’s rid­ing pony.

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