At­tain­ing achiev­able physiques

This week Pat Henry shares when to take vi­ta­mins, and why the fu­ture of Ir­ish fit­ness is in safe hands

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Over-train­ing is not ad­vis­able as the body needs time to re­cover. All the lat­est re­search has shown that while 50 may be the new 20, some­one for­got to tell the body! It is im­por­tant to lis­ten to your own body. If we push too hard as we age, par­tic­u­larly if you’re over 50, you can be in a high cat­e­gory at risk of a pos­si­ble stroke or heart prob­lems. This may not be the case for ev­ery­one, how­ever if you sud­denly de­cide to overdo your train­ing, any un­der­ly­ing prob­lem will come to the sur­face quickly. Start off slowly, don’t overdo it. Tak­ing vi­ta­mins to sup­ple­ment your diet can be very ex­pen­sive each month in ad­di­tion to the cost of liv­ing. Some clients are spend­ing €150 a month on vi­ta­mins. If you feel you are get­ting re­sults, then keep go­ing. How­ever, take a look at the colour of your urine. Most vi­ta­mins are just passed through the body and not ab­sorbed, es­pe­cially B vi­ta­mins where urine can be­come dark and have a strong odour. I ad­vise if you want to take any sup­ple­ment to get the best qual­ity ones,and buy lo­cally. Or sim­ply eat well and get the vi­ta­mins from food. As part of the judg­ing panel of the NABBA Mr and Mrs Ire­land in Dublin re­cently, I was amazed how much the sport has grown in the last 10 years. The qual­ity of com­peti­tors was the best I have ever seen. A new sec­tion pro­mot­ing tone, shape, mus­cu­lar­ity and fit­ness, moved slightly away from body­build­ing, yet all par­tic­i­pants dis­played a very pleas­ing physique, which is more of what the av­er­age per­son wants to achieve. This is achiev­able with good diet and hard work. So well done to Siob­han and Paul Byrne for a great show. The fu­ture of fit­ness is def­i­nitely bright.

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