Liv­ing or­gan donors on the in­crease

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÷ Over 170 kid­ney trans­plants were car­ried out in Ire­land last year — 50 of which came from liv­ing donors. ÷ The gen­er­ous gift of a liv­ing donor or­gan from a friend was re­cently high­lighted by young Hol­ly­wood ac­tress Se­lena Gomez who had a kid­ney trans­plant. ÷ Gomez (25) suf­fers from lu­pus — symp­toms in­clude joint pain and skin rashes, along with kid­ney prob­lems for some. ÷ She re­ceived her kid­ney from her best friend, ac­tress Fran­cia Raisa. ÷ Lu­pus is a sys­temic au­toim­mune dis­ease — it’s the body at­tack­ing it­self, usu­ally due to an­ti­bod­ies. ÷ Th­ese an­ti­bod­ies can attack every or­gan. ÷ Most peo­ple who re­quire a kid­ney trans­plant re­quire it be­cause of di­a­betes or high blood pres­sure. ÷ Those are the two lead­ing causes of end stage kid­ney dis­ease. ÷ Un­like many other types of or­gan do­na­tion, it’s pos­si­ble to do­nate a kid­ney while you’re alive be­cause you only need one.

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