Cau­tion called on long-term use of PPIs

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÷ Pro­ton pump in­hibitors (PPIs), a class of drugs com­monly used to treat acid re­flux, are among the most widely used medicines in Ire­land. But now their long-term use is linked to a more than dou­bling in the risk of de­vel­op­ing stom­ach can­cer. ÷ The jour­nal Gut re­ports that the risk rises in tan­dem with the dose and du­ra­tion of treat­ment fol­low­ing elim­i­na­tion of Heli­cobac­ter py­lori, the bac­te­ria im­pli­cated in the devel­op­ment of stom­ach can­cer, the find­ings show. ÷ Elim­i­nat­ing H py­lori from the gut sig­nif­i­cantly low­ers a per­son’s risk of de­vel­op­ing stom­ach can­cer. But a sub­stan­tial pro­por­tion of those in whom treat­ment is suc­cess­ful still go on to de­velop the dis­ease, the third lead­ing cause of can­cer death in the world. ÷ The av­er­age time be­tween triple ther­apy and the devel­op­ment of stom­ach can­cer was just un­der five years. ÷ It is an ob­ser­va­tional study with no ev­i­dence of cause and ef­fect. But doc­tors are urged to ex­er­cise cau­tion when pre­scrib­ing long-term PPIs.

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