Strength train­ing with weights is im­por­tant for achiev­ing a toned look, says Siobhan Byrne

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TWO of the big­gest com­plaints that I hear from women are about their mid-sec­tion and their arms. So in this week’s col­umn we are go­ing to fo­cus on ex­er­cises for the arms. Over the years I have helped many clients (aged from their mid-20s to their early-70s) to im­prove the look of these ar­eas, so what’s in­volved?

At­ten­tion to diet is cru­cial if you suf­fer from ex­cess body fat in these ar­eas. The other fac­tor is strength train­ing, de­vel­op­ing the mus­cles slightly to get the leaner, toned look.

Like with ev­ery­thing else, if you are a begin­ner it’s very im­por­tant you choose weights that are ap­pro­pri­ate for you and grad­u­ally build them up as your body gets stronger. In or­der to de­velop the mus­cle you do need to lift weights. Don’t worry about get­ting a bulky look, this will only hap­pen if you overeat sig­nif­i­cantly but will not be the re­sult of strength train­ing.

Pick a weight with which you can com­plete a set, a can of beans in each hand re­ally is not go­ing to cut it in or­der to de­velop a lean look, although do start light. Tar­get­ing your arms should be done along with all other body parts. This will­make sure you are not just burn­ing the calo­ries needed to help tar­get the body fat but your shape will look bal­anced. Tar­get­ing only spe­cific prob­lem ar­eas does not work, as it is not pos­si­ble to spot-re­duce a spe­cific area.

Re­mem­ber that the arms get in­cluded with ex­er­cises for other body parts, such as chest ex­er­cises which hit the tri­ceps at the back of the arm and are great for tar­get­ing that bingo wing area. You will also want to work the bi­ceps, which can also be hit with a lot of back ex­er­cises.

Here are some of my favourite go-to ex­er­cises that I use to tar­get arms with clients.

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