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My four chil­dren have all come down with scar­let fever. I had thought that was an old-fash­ioned dis­ease that people didn’t re­ally get any more. Should I be wor­ried? My GP says they are ex­pe­ri­enc­ing a high vol­ume of cases in our area of north Dublin. Why is it so preva­lent now? My dad had it as a child and spent a week in an iso­la­tion ward; why is it that doc­tors are not so wor­ried about it to­day? Also, my chil­dren had the dis­ease a year ago and I had thought that you could only get it once. Why does it re­cur and should I pre­pare to have this as a yearly event? At the same time, my­self and my hus­band got sear­ing

sore throats, cold sores, and were cough­ing blood. Is this re­lated to the scar­let fever bac­te­ria?

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