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IR­ISH IN­DE­PEN­DENT Stephen Covey, the au­thor of The Seven Habits of Highly Ef­fec­tive Peo­ple wrote that: “We see the world, not as it is, but as we are or, as we are con­di­tioned to see it.” By this he means that we tend to view peo­ple and events through the prism of our own ex­pe­ri­ence and our own pre­con­ceived ideas of what will tran­spire.

Over the last cou­ple of weeks, I’ve re­alised that the way I see the world is not re­ally as it is at all — in­stead it is the re­sult of old sto­ries I’ve told my­self time and time again about how things are, and how I am.

But things change and we change. What 16 Septem­ber 2017 was true 10 years ago is no longer true now. Just be­cause no­body asked me to dance at the school disco does not mean that no­body wants to dance with me now.

Just be­cause peo­ple laughed at me be­fore does not mean that they will laugh at me now. Just be­cause some­one once re­jected an idea I put for­ward at a meet­ing does not mean that will hap­pen every time that I speak up.

It’s time to drop the old sto­ries and try to see the world as it re­ally is — and as we re­ally are.

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