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Ad­di­tion­ally, she breaks into the haulage of­fice for a fren­zied drawer ri­fling. Robert’s alarmed to see the break-in, but when he spots an empty file named ‘Europe trips’, things start to make sense. Vic, blink­ers on, in­forms Robert she’s hired a PI to find Adam, and is un­fazed when Glen the de­tec­tive ad­vises her that the job will be pricey. Later, Robert and Matty are floored when Aaron tells them Adam con­tacted him weeks ago and is cur­rently in Bu­dapest.

Glen, mean­while, tells Vic­to­ria he’s lo­cated Adam in Por­tu­gal and asks for an­other £5,000. Matty, in a perma-state of “con­cerned”, comes clean to Moira about know­ing for a fact Adam isn’t in Por­tu­gal. He se­cretly re­trieves Vic­to­ria’s en­ve­lope of cash be­fore she heads off, but they all start to panic upon re­al­is­ing that they may have put her in dan­ger! Fran­ti­cally paw­ing through her bag, look­ing for the non-ex­is­tent cash, Vic­to­ria is flum­moxed and Glen quickly loses his pa­tience. Matty, Robert and Aaron are left fran­tic when they track Vic­to­ria but find just her phone on the ground... And that’s all I’m al­lowed to tell you.

I can, how­ever, leave you with a cou­ple of ques­tions. Namely, is Vic­to­ria re­ally your av­er­age distressed damsel? More im­por­tantly, is Adam re­ally worth all this has­sle?

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