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Kentucky in 1994 — footage of which is shown in Hillary — would reduce her to tears, “sometimes the sheer exhaustion... All of the demands of a political campaign. So there is that moment, yes,” she concedes. Another moment she remembers clearly was “when I was in New Hampshire in the 2008 primary campaign and some woman asked me how I did it: how I got up every morning and just did it — and tears did come to my eyes, because it is hard. I don’t want to sugar-coat it. It’s hard for anybody. But because of the double standard, because of the inherent remnants of sexism and misogyny, it’s especially hard for women still.” Aside from working her way through the “huge stack of books on my bedside table and a lot of old favourites like [crime writers] Louise Penny and Donna Leon, taking a lot of long walks”, and, yes, baking cookies, Clinton has spent lockdown writing a big piece about that famous Beijing UN speech, she tells me. “So I’ve been pulling a lot of research and there is so much evidence about these inherent, built-in gender stereotype­s that’s heartbreak­ing. Sensible, educated, thoughtful people have the same mindset about what is and isn’t appropriat­e for men and women.” Of course her gender wasn’t the only issue with voters. For many on both sides of the pond Clinton is still perceived as the embodiment of dynastic entitlemen­t and corruption. There was the Whitewater controvers­y in the 1990s, related to the Clintons’ investment in failed land developmen­t in Arkansas, but they were subsequent­ly cleared of criminal conduct. And Clinton’s presidenti­al campaign was marred by the FBI’s investigat­ion into her use of a private email server while Secretary of State. That the Republican President has since had his own ‘server scandal’ may not have enraged his base to the same extent. But a pile-up of problems in recent months — when Trump has been forced to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic, a tanking economy and protests over the killing of George Floyd — looks likely to dent his approval ratings in the run-up to the election. Mourning the loss of Floyd — “We have a lot of work to do to achieve true equality and justice for all” — Clinton has called Trump’s deployment of the mil- We both would have loved to have had another child, but that didn’t work out. We’re so fortunate to have got the one we got

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