Irish Independent - Weekend Magazine : 2020-07-04

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Weekend at a glance... @indoweeken­d 14 10 Life 6 Style 18 Your 7-day 24 TV guide Kitchen starts on page 32 28 24 Donal Skehan From top tacos to gorgeous guacamole — authentic Mexican flavours to spice up your weekend Wine Buff It’s summer and life is definitely looking rosé... My Life on a Plate Chef Jumoke Akintola of the Beach House in Tramore 26 27 Travel 28 The Full Package What will post-pandemic package holidays look like... and where will we be heading? Unlocking Ireland Kick back in Kilkenny — a city and county fit for a king The Travel Expert Pól Ó Conghaile on what to expect when you next board a ferry 30 31 Editor: Executive Editor (Lifestyle): Advertisin­g: Cover photograph Art Director: Photo Editor: Rachel Dugan Bairbre Power Stella Forte Noelle Crowley 01-705 5406 / Olga Chambers 01-705 5404 by Michael Buckner/Deadline/Shuttersto­ck Sophie Donaldson ● ● ● 33 1 2S45epJJat­aen4nmuuJa­baurerlyyr­2220002120­80 WWeeeekkee­nnddMMaagg­aazziinnee­IIRRIISSHH­IINNDDEEPP­EENNDDEENN­TT

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