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Tuesday 7 July Programme of the day YELLOWSTON­E RTE2, 9.30pm New drama series set in Wyoming and starring Kevin Costner as John Dutton, patriarch of a ranching family whose massive property is threatened by land developers, trouble with nearby Native American reservatio­ns and the developmen­t of the United States’ first ever national park. With Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley and Cole Hauser. Best Sports Best Entertainm­ent LIVE PREMIER LEAGUE BAKE OFF: THE PROFESSION­ALS Sky Sports Main Event, 8pm Channel 4, 8pm First a football famine, now a feast: as the Premier League season hurtles to a conclusion, Arsenal take on third-placed Leicester City at the Emirates. Liam Charles and Tom Allen welcome back the best teams for the next round, in which tough challenges will include the creation of a sugar showpiece inspired by insects. RTE One RTE 2 Virgin Media 1 TG4 Virgin Media 2 Virgin Media 3 7.55 8.50 9.50 10.45 11.40 12.10 12.45 1.00 1.30 2.00 2.30 3.00 4.05 4.15 4.45 5.40 6.00 6.50 12.10 12.45 1.00 2.05 2.10 6.20 7.10 8.00 10.00 12.30 1.00 7.00 10.55 7.30 8.30 9.30 10.30 11.30 12.30 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 9.00 10.00 11.00 Impossible (T) Casualty (R) (T) Ellen DeGeneres (R) (T) Dr Phil (T) Shortland Street (T) Doctors (T) Telly Bingo RTE News (T) Home and Away (T) Neighbours (T) Desperate Houses (R) (T) My Kitchen Rules: Australia (T) RTE News Getaways (R) (T) Father Brown (R) (T) Nuacht; RTE News with Signing and European Weather Teletubbie­s (R) Yo Gabba Gabba! (R) Teletubbie­s In the Night Garden (R) Elaine Cook Me the Money! (R) There’s No Taste Like Home. Trout, Scottish chicken broth and a Sunday roast. (R) Nanny 911 (R) Judge Rinder (R) Judge Rinder (R) Judge Rinder (R) Agatha Christie’s Poirot. A restaurant customer’s change of diet intrigues the sleuth. (R) Heartbeat (R) EuroNews TRTE 4 O’Clock Club (R) (T) Planet Cosmo (R) (T) RTE’s Home School Hub (T) Ar Mbia Ar Sli (R) (T) Lost & Found Music Studios. Isaac is disappoint­ed. (R) (T) Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue! Animated adventures. (R) Secret Life of Boys (R) (T) Drop Dead Weird (R) (T) The Sarah Jane Adventures (R) The Simpsons. Marge starts her own sandwich shop. (R) (T) The Goldbergs (R) (T) Shortland Street (R) (T) Keep It in the Family (R) The Six O’Clock Show (R) Ireland AM (T) This Morning News at 12:30 (T) The Chase. Quiz show, hosted by Bradley Walsh. (R) (T) Elaine. Topical discussion, hosted by Elaine Crowley. (R) Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs. The presenter tries to nurse a badly injured dog back to health, find a home for an elderly, dentallych­allenged shih tzu. (R) Judge Judy Judge Judy News at 5.30 (T) Cula 4 Little House on the Prairie. The town of Walnut Grove is restored to its former glory. (R) (T) Abair Amhran (R) Garrai Glas (R) Murder, She Wrote. A writer’s assistant is killed. (R) (T) Weakest Link (R) (T) Cula 4 SpongeBob SquarePant­s (R) Jamie’s Got Tentacles Adventure Time (R) Clarence (R) Campa Cula4 (R) GAA Cul Camps (R) Lurgan 2K19 (R) Judge Rinder (R) Benidorm ER (R) Tipping Point (R) The Instant Gardener Judge Rinder (R) Pressure Pad. Quiz, hosted by John Barrowman. (R) Ireland AM. Magazine. (R) Emmerdale (R) (T) Coronation Street (R) (T) Gino’s Italian Coastal Escape. Chef Gino D’Acampo reaches journey’s end in the town of Santa Maria Di Leuca. (R) Tipping Point. Game show, hosted by Ben Shephard. (R) Tipping Point (R) 12.20 12.35 1.05 3.00 1.30 2.30 3.00 3.30 2.40 2.00 3.00 4.02 4.14 4.26 4.38 4.50 5.15 5.45 12.00 1.00 2.00 3.00 4.00 4.00 3.05 3.30 4.00 4.30 4.30 5.00 5.30 4.00 5.00 5.30 5.00 5.00 6.00 6.01 7.00 The Angelus RTE News Reeling in the Years S1 Ep2 6.00 Neighbours Ep8385 6.00 The Six O’Clock Show 6.02 6.05 An Aimsir Laithreach Gilmore Girls S6 Ep10 6.00 The Chase S12 Ep72 6.00 Gibraltar: Britain in the Sun S3 Ep7 (R) (T) Russell Brand gives some tips to wannabe-writer Toadie. (R) (T) Chat show, with celebrity interviews, food from leading chefs and guidance on a range of topics. (T) Bradley Walsh presents as four contestant­s answer general knowledge questions and work as a team to take on ruthless quiz genius the Chaser and secure a cash prize. (R) (T) Christophe­r makes an unexpected reappearan­ce, and Rory gets surprising news about Logan. (R) (T) PC Eileen Yule tries to overcome a fear of confined spaces, Eric Shaw and his team deal with macaques, and Lizanne Olivero visits her son Troy in Windmill Hill prison. (R) 6.30 Home and Away Ep7341 News and music from 1981, when Pope John Paul II and new US president Ronald Reagan were subjected to assassinat­ion attempts. (R) (T) 7.00 The Story ofWater Marilyn is terrified when Tori’s tests show John has a brain aneurysm. (R) (T) 6.57 7.00 7.30 An Aimsir Laithreach Nuacht TG4 Siar sna 60idi S1 Ep4 Documentar­y focusing on the critical value of our most precious natural resource and exploring the ongoing threats to its future – both globally and in Ireland. (R) 7.00 How’s Your Driving? S1 Ep4 7.00 The Chase S12 Ep73 7.00 Top Dog Model S1 Ep4 Clips of events from 1963, when the Beatles were in Dublin and John F Kennedy visited the country. (R) Bradley Walsh hosts as more contestant­s work as a team to take on quiz genius the Chaser. (R) (T) 7.30 Saoi Sa Chathaoir S1 Ep3 Unsafe vehicles come under the microscope. (R) (T) The five remaining dogs take part in an art class and a photoshoot. Personalit­ies speak about moments in their life. (T) 7.30 Wildest Survival S1 Ep10 8.00 Grow, Cook, Eat S2 Ep4 8.00 8.30 News at 8 Red Rock S1 Ep19 8.00 8.30 7 La S18 Ep23 Bean an Ti S1 Ep4 8.00 Heartbeat S18 Ep23 8.00 Vera S8 Ep3 (T) Exploring how and why different animals fight. Last in series. (T) Karen O’Donohoe learns about growing mushrooms, and chef Katie Sanderson prepares courgette carpaccio with parmesan, walnut and crispy berries. (R) (T) Mason thwarts a gang of safe-robbers, but when a bag of explosives ends up in the wrong hands, it could spell disaster at Dawn’s birthday party. James Gaddas stars. (R) When a mother of two is found murdered in her back garden, Vera and Aiden investigat­e the case, and delve into the disturbing secrets and ongoing conflicts that lurk beneath the surface of the victim’s seemingly peaceful suburban community. With Brenda Blethyn, Kenny Doughty and guest starring Rita Tushingham. (R) (T) Sharon returns to work to a hero’s welcome, but Brian is determined as ever to see her off his patch. (R) (T) The matrons prepare for St Patrick’s Day. (R) 8.30 Champions League Classics 9.00 GlorTire S1 Ep6 Featuring performanc­es by Dominic Kirwan and Sonia Carrig. Last in series. (R) Celtic v Juventus from the 2001/02 season, Barcelona v Bayer Leverkusen from 2011/12 and VfL Wolfsburg v Manchester United from 2015/16. (T) 9.00 The Trouble with Maggie Cole S1 Ep5 8.30 Home of the Year S5 Ep6 9.30 Opry le Daniel S7 Ep7 9.00 Love Island S5 Ep33 Maggie and her daughterin-law share a rare moment of bonding, and Karen reveals her feelings for Peter in an unexpected way. The judges examine a derelict church in Co Limerick. (R) (T) (T) Daniel O’Donnell returns to the Millennium Forum in Derry to present a special programme with Rita Coolidge, who shares some of her favourite songs and duets. Last in series. (R) (T) The fifth week of the relationsh­ip-based reality show draws to a close. (R) 9.30 Yellowston­e NEW 9.00 9.35 RTE News Prime Time 10.00 Vanity Fair S1 Ep1 Pilot for the drama series, starring Kevin Costner and Luke Grimes. John Dutton tries to protect his Montana ranch from land developers, an Indian reservatio­n and America’s first national park. (T) 10.00 The Tonight Show Adaptation of William Makepeace Thackeray’s novel about an amoral woman’s ascent through Georgian high society. Starring Olivia Cooke and Claudia Jessie. (R) Current affairs review. (T) Matt Cooper and Ivan Yates give their take on the day’s stories with a panel of guests from the worlds of politics, comedy and sport. (T) 10.10 The Secrets She Keeps S1 Ep5 10.00 Love Island: Australia S1 Ep23 10.30 Orange Is the New Black S5 Ep12 Agatha’s lying catches up with her as Hayden senses something is up. (T) A surprise text dampens the girls’ spa day, forcing them to make a difficult Boo dabbles in a spot of blackmail. (T) 11.05 11.15 11.00 11.35 11.40 11.00 decision that will change their time left in the villa. (R) American Dynasties – The Bush Years The events of George HW Bush’s presidency. (T) Holby City (T) Taken (R) (T) Home from Home (R) (T) Prime Time (R) (T) Telly Bingo (R) Dr Phil (R) (T) Doctors (R) (T) EuroNews Godfather of Harlem Bumpy unexpected­ly finds himself at Elise’s side. (R) (T) Line of Duty (R) (T) Single Parents (T) Daniel and Majella’s USA Road Trip (R) (T) Operation Transforma­tion (R) Ireland’s Fittest Family (R) (T) Healthy Appetite (R) (T) Getaways (R) (T) EuroNews Good Behaviour Letty, Javier and Jacob ask Letty’s grandmothe­r Alice for financial help, but Alice makes Letty work for what she needs. (R) The Midwives Featuring an insider’s view of the profession. (R) Benidorm ER A sky-diving instructor is knocked off his motorbike. (R) An Aimsir Laithreach The West Wing Part one of two. A foreign conflict forces President Bartlet and his staff to rewrite his inaugural address, and tensions mount between the White House and the Pentagon. (R) (T) Fiorsceal Forest fires. (R) (T) France 24 Always and Everyone The team battles to save two youngsters with gunshot wounds, Stuart is haunted by a promise made to a dying man and Cathy reveals she is leaving. Last in series. (R) Red Rock Sharon returns to work to a hero’s welcome. (R) (T) I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! Australia (R) 11.10 Autopsy USA Forensic pathologis­t Jason Payne-James investigat­es the reasons behind the death of the Glee star Cory Monteith in a Vancouver hotel room at the age of 31. This Morning A mix of celebrity chat and lifestyle features. (R) 12.20 1.30 2.00 12.05 1.15 2.10 2.40 3.10 3.20 4.05 4.35 12.00 2.55 3.50 4.45 5.10 5.40 12.00 1.00 12.30 12.10 12.30 1.35 40 IRISH INDEPENDEN­T 4 July 2020 Weekend Magazine

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