Wake-up call against op­pres­sion

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■ Larissa Nolan’s article (‘Hi­jack­ers of the left have twisted lib­eral ideals’, Ir­ish In­de­pen­dent, June 13) is in­sight­ful, in­tel­li­gent, prophetic.

I was en­cour­aged and re­freshed that out of the dom­i­nant voice of lib­er­al­ism, the op­pres­sor of our cur­rent his­tor­i­cal time, emerges a voice of prophecy, of clar­ity and, dare I say, of truth. Thank you, Larissa.

Her points high­light for me the ba­sic fact that in ev­ery time a dom­i­nant voice emerges to rule, to dic­tate, to si­lence. This is not just in­tel­li­gent – it is of crit­i­cal im­por­tance, ur­gent and re­veal­ing dan­ger.

We, in this age of po­lit­i­cal cor­rect­ness, of lib­er­al­ism and fake news, are keep­ers of op­pres­sion and dis­ci­ples of the op­pres­sor.

The re­duc­tion of democ­racy to the dic­tates of the loud­est voice and the mar­ket­ing skill is a dark night for hu­man­ity.

Thank you, Larissa Nolan. Let us hope that your wake-up call is heard in the halls of power.

Anna Burke Athlone, Co West­meath

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