Our hero Kelly will live on in all our hearts


A TREA­SURED snap shows how fam­ily and friends will re­mem­ber fear­less ter­ror at­tack hero Kelly Brew­ster – who sac­ri­ficed her­self to save her sis­ter and 12-year-old niece.

As shards of shrap­nel and nails flew through the air, she threw her body across theirs to pro­tect them from the sear­ing heat of the ex­plo­sion.

The 32-year old, seen here pos­ing as caped cru­sader Robin last Hal­loween, died. Sis­ter Claire, 33, had her jaw smashed and niece Hol­lie broke both legs and suf­fered other se­ri­ous life-chang­ing in­juries.

But Hol­lie’s gran Tracy Booth said: “I would not have my grand­daugh­ter if it was not for her. I’m dev­as­tated about Kelly’s death. She was a su­per­hero. I will be in­debted to her for the rest of my life.”

Kelly’s heart­bro­ken boyfriend Ian re­vealed the cou­ple had been try­ing for baby, af­ter be­ing to­gether three years.

Chok­ing back tears, he said: “I knew she was the one for me. She was a beau­ti­ful, kind per­son who loved life.”

Kelly and Ian had re­cently treated his eight-year-old daugh­ter Phoebe to a dream trip to Dis­ney­land Paris, friends said.

Kelly’s fi­nal text mes­sage at 8pm on Mon­day night – less than three hours be­fore her death – was an act of love, sign­ing off “love you” to Ian.

“We have been over­whelmed by the mes­sages of sup­port. It is re­ally heart warm­ing,” he said. “I just wish Kelly was still here.”

Her un­cle Paul Dry­hurst added: “Kelly shielded Hol­lie and Claire from the dam­age. They are all just de­stroyed. This will change their lives for ever.”

SAC­RI­FICE Kelly, right, in fancy dress with pal at bash

IN LOVE Ian & Kelly were try­ing for a baby

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