Irish Sunday Mirror - - FRONT PAGE - BY SYLVIA POWNALL

Mar­tin O’rourke school. He was meant to be pick­ing her up on her first day.

“She still wants to find him. She still wants to know why did her daddy did not pick her up.

“How do you tell a four-year-old her daddy is not com­ing back any more?

“She’s ask­ing me ques­tions I don’t have the an­swer to. I don’t want to be ly­ing to her but at the same time I don’t want to tell her the cold truth that her father was shot dead.

“You just look at her lit­tle face and you see Mar­tin. And to see the dis­tress and anger that is in that child is just un­be­liev­able.”

Prin­ci­pal Mark Can­don re­vealed a group from St Lau­rence O’toole CBS pri­mary school on a visit to the cap­i­tal nar­rowly missed get­ting caught up in the shoot­ing. He said: “The route they would nor­mally take back to school would have been right by the spot where that shoot­ing hap­pened.

“If they had been com­ing that route a lit­tle ear­lier they’d have been right on top of that. This is the mid­dle of the day Larry Power Christy Ki­nah­han in the mid­dle of a street and some fella is shoot­ing off a rake of bul­lets.” Larry re­veals the fam­ily’s strug­gle on Live­line: Call­back on RTE One this Thurs­day. Mar­tin, who was re­ceiv­ing sup­port from Fo­cus Ire­land, was on his way to a back to an ed­u­ca­tion scheme af­ter his lunch break when he was shot. Larry tells Live­line:call­back: “I was ac­tu­ally walk­ing into Sher­iff Street at the time and there was po­lice ev­ery­where. If I’d have known my son-in-law was in that foren­sic tent I would have come in to him. “I still can’t be­lieve it he’s dead. Al­though I’m say­ing he’s dead, I be­lieve he’s still walk­ing around the streets some­where.” news@irish­mir­



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