My ex melted my face... we must stop evil acid at­tacks

Daniel’s plea to halt sale of deadly flu­ids

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Bed scorched by acid poured by evil Katie Leong a shared house with Leong and friends in Le­ices­ter. She claimed to be 36 but was 51. They be­gan a re­la­tion­ship which turned toxic over her jeal­ousy.

He planned to move out but Leong struck be­fore he could go.

Daniel said: “I woke up, I had been sleep­ing alone af­ter an­other ar­gu­ment with Katie, and as I came round it felt like she was throw­ing hot wa­ter on me.

“I didn’t know if it was a dream. The shock, the pain, that burn­ing sen­sa­tion. I can’t de­scribe it. I leapt up, then I felt in my mouth that it was acid, not wa­ter. My right eye be­came foggy.

“Then my other eye left me. Ev­ery­thing went white, like I was sur­rounded by a very thick fog.” Leong had tipped a 500ml bot­tle of 96 per cent sul­phuric acid over Daniel. A court heard she tested it on sausage meat first to be sure it would burn hu­man flesh.

Daniel spent five five weeks in a coma as doc­tors at Not­ting­ham City Hos­pi­tal burns unit fought to save him.

His dad Dorin flew to his side. Daniel added: “I’m told he was cry­ing like a baby, he couldn’t even recog­nise me. “

Af­ter five weeks, Daniel was wo­ken from an in­duced coma. He said: “To my hor­ror, po­lice told me Katie was in jail. They sus­pected her of car­ry­ing out the at­tack. They also told me she was in her 50s, not her 30s. I slowly be­gan to re­alise I didn’t know her at all.”

Daniel couldn’t move, couldn’t see, couldn’t talk and be­came sui­ci­dal. He was moved to a sup­port cen­tre where one worker, Anna, turned his life around. She saw past the scars and fell in love with Daniel – even quit­ting her job to avoid a pro­fes­sional con­flict.

Anna re­calls: “I en­joyed his flirt­ing. He was funny, clever and en­ter­tain­ing. I en­joyed his com­pany so much.”

Daniel said: “On our first date friends came to col­lect me, we picked up Anna and went for din­ner. They left us in town and I kissed her for the first time.”


Anna, who has a son Jack, five, says the con­nec­tion was in­stant. By May, she had be­come Daniel’s full-time carer and they moved in to­gether.

Daniel said: “I was liv­ing with the devil and now I’m liv­ing with an an­gel. We’ve talked about mar­riage. I want five chil­dren but I’d be happy with two.”

But the ef­fects of Leong’s at­tack en­dure. Daniel has had 14 op­er­a­tions and faces many more, in­clud­ing skin grafts. His voice cracks when he talks about his mother Maria, who is yet to see him. He says: “I’m afraid to go home. I’m afraid she’ll have a heart at­tack. The Daniel I used to be has died and I know how bad I look.”

Yet he has never seen his scars for him­self as his right eye had to be re­moved a few weeks ago and he is blind in his left one. It means he has also never even seen his pretty girl­friend Anna.

Leong was con­victed of at­tempted mur­der in March and handed a life sen­tence, with a min­i­mum 17 years. Ear­lier this month she was or­dered to pay Daniel €22,000 in com­pen­sa­tion.

But Daniel said: “I don’t think her sen­tence was enough. “Think­ing she could come out af­ter 17 years is dis­gust­ing. I’m never go­ing to be like I was be­fore, not in 100 years. She’s shown no re­morse.”

And he added: “I’m go­ing to visit her one day.

“I’m cu­ri­ous to hear her side of the story, even though it will be prob­a­bly be lies.”

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