Ask your­self ..would you want your kids to be like Conor Mcgre­gor?

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IWAS in LA re­cently to in­ter­view a Hol­ly­wood star. But for a split sec­ond I thought I wasn’t go­ing to be al­lowed in. “Sorry, I can’t per­mit you en­try into the USA,” dead­panned the im­mi­gra­tion of­fi­cer.

Then, be­fore I could open my mouth, he quipped: “Be­cause you’re Ir­ish – just like Conor Mcgre­gor!”

Bad joke aside, it was im­plicit this guy felt The No­to­ri­ous One was giv­ing our great lit­tle na­tion a bad rep­u­ta­tion on the in­ter­na­tional stage.

For a long time I’d been hear­ing sim­i­lar sen­ti­ments echoed much closer to home. A friend of mine, who grew up only a stone’s throw away from Mcgre­gor, has con­stantly fore­warned me, “Conor is a lout”.

I ini­tially paid no heed to it, pre­sum­ing it was noth­ing more than your typ­i­cal be­grudgery at­ti­tude, which we Ir­ish are sadly renowned for at times. But now I’m not so sure.

With a hous­ing cri­sis and a dire home­less sit­u­a­tion in Ire­land, there’s some­thing very crass and undig­ni­fied about Mcgre­gor’s con­stant brag­ging about his ob­scene wealth, while oth­ers are lit­er­ally starv­ing on our streets.

“I’m 30 years of age, I’d say by 35, I’ll be a bil­lion­aire,” he claimed re­cently. Mcgre­gor is ob­vi­ously a very rich man, but some­thing tells me he’s not mak­ing as much dough as he’d like us to be­lieve.

Let’s put Mcgre­gor’s claim into per­spec­tive here – both Ron­aldo’s and Messi’s com­bined wealth doesn’t stack up to a bil­lion. In fact, nei­ther one has even reached the half bil­lion mark yet.

Does Mcgre­gor re­ally ex­pect us to be­lieve he’s a big­ger money-spin­ner than these two global icons put to­gether? Mcgre­gor is ei­ther liv­ing in a fan­tasy world, or is a spoofer – or both.

He also claimed to be the best fighter on the planet – but we know that’s not true after he was out­classed by Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Did you see the look of fear in Mcgre­gor’s eyes when he stepped into the cage to go man-to-man with the UFC lightweight world cham­pion?

Like May­weather did in his mock­ery of a box­ing match with Mcgre­gor, you got the sense Khabib was hold­ing back from Ko-ing him. May­weather clearly didn’t stop Mcgre­gor in an early round be­cause he wanted to give pun­ters value for money. Ev­ery round Mcgre­gor lasted gen­er­ated more in­come for both May­weather and the net­works who wanted to milk it for their spon­sors.

Khabib, on the other hand, wanted his fight to last as long as hu­manly pos­si­ble to pun­ish Mcgre­gor for those deeply wound­ing in­sults. He wouldn’t be the first fighter to do so. Muham­mad Ali once fa­mously pro­longed a fight, pur­posely go­ing the full dis­tance against his op­po­nent Ernie Ter­rell be­cause he was of­fended by a pre-match in­sult and wanted to in­flict max­i­mum dam­age. Ali even ad­mit­ted he wanted to “tor­ture him”. But Ali’s prow­ess dur­ing that bout was hailed by one lead­ing Amer­i­can sports writer, Tex Maule, as a “won­der­ful demon­stra­tion of box­ing skill”.

You could hardily de­scribe Mcgre­gor ver­sus Khabib as any­thing other than bar­baric. There is ab­so­lutely noth­ing skil­ful about beat­ing a man to a pulp in open-hand com­bat.

I know there’s some rules in­volved in UFC, but it’s hardily Mar­quess of Queens­berry, is it? It’s more of a case of, “For­get skill – just in­flict as much dam­age as hu­manly pos­si­ble”.

It’s a blood sport. UFC is noth­ing more than a glo­ri­fied ver­sion of bru­tal bare knuckle fight­ing. But in­stead of Trav­ellers sell­ing il­le­gal DVDS of these un­der­ground fights, you have to pay top dol­lar to view it on TV.

UFC at­tracts some un­de­sir­able spec­ta­tors. More than 50 Ir­ish fans were re­fused en­try to the US to watch the Mcgre­gor fight be­cause they had

After last week­end’s bat­ter­ing by Khabib

Fac­ing a speed­ing charge last No­vem­ber

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