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QACa­sio key­board My dad bought me a Ca­sio VL-TONE key­board about 40 years ago. It still works, sur­pris­ingly! Has it any value? Mar­i­lyn Booth, Brig­house, West York­shire Your mini key­board is worth around £20-£40 at best to­day. These were first pro­duced in 1979. A strange com­bi­na­tion of syn­the­sizer and cal­cu­la­tor, it sounded rather “lo-fi” and not very con­vinc­ing when claim­ing to be a flute etc, al­though they may one day be looked on as “early dig­i­tal” in­stru­ments. I have an old printer’s cab­i­net, pos­si­bly Vic­to­rian, with 22 large wooden trays which slide out like a chest of draw­ers. In­side are 50 or so old let­ters in wooden blocks. Can you tell me more and if it’s worth any­thing please? Michael Brewer, Winch­ester, Hamp­shire If they are 19th cen­tury, the trays should make £20 each or more. They are di­vided into 60-odd tiny com­part­ments to hold let­ter blocks so peo­ple buy them to dis­play small col­lecta­bles on walls. The cab­i­nets look good in mod­ern homes with wooden floors and go well with the “re­claimed loft apart­ment” look. Let­ters



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