Is í 2018 Bli­ain na Gaeilge, and to cel­e­brate, we’ll have a prac­ti­cal phrase as Gaeilge each week, with trans­la­tion and how to use it!

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This week’s phrase: Bhí mé le cean­gal! Pro­nun­ci­a­tion: Vee may leh kan­gol Trans­la­tion:

I was t to be tied

This phrase comes from the crazi­ness in­duced by poitín drunk­ness, where there was noth­ing to be done back in the day but to tie the drunk­ard by rope un­til they’d sobered up and calmed down. To this day, the phrase is still used in Con­nemara, the clos­est col­lo­quial ver­sion in English be­ing: I was rag­ing! See lots more for Bli­ain na Gaeilge at

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