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Un­der­stand­ing how you ap­proach con­flict is a great start. There are four main types of un­help­ful re­sponses or pat­terns: in an ar­gu­ment, how do you nor­mally re­spond? Cir­cle the num­ber that re­flect your style.

1. Shout­ing

2. Make out it’s noth­ing to do with you

3. Laugh it off

4. Be­come so up­set you for­get what you were ar­gu­ing about

1. Name call­ing

2. Think­ing about what you will say next while they are speak­ing

3. Not tak­ing the is­sue se­ri­ously

4. Find your mind rac­ing, un­able to think clearly

1. Mock­ing or be­ing sar­cas­tic

2. Make ex­cuses for your be­hav­iour

3. Change the sub­ject

4. Un­able to speak

1. Phys­i­cally at­tack the other per­son

2. Refuse to talk about the is­sue

3. Find some­thing else that is more im­por­tant to do

4. Be­come phys­i­cally im­mo­bile, weak or shak­ing

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