It’s only make-be­lieve

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Far­rah and Dar­ragh make plans to stage a dra­matic break-up, but af­ter they put on their lit­tle show, Sharon con­fronts Dar­ragh telling him she doesn’t buy it. Far­rah tells Re­nee she’s happy be­ing sin­gle, but Re­nee no­tices her get­ting us­tered when Dar­ragh walks by. Dar­ragh asks Far­rah to help him with his Tin­der pro le and she agrees, so later, when Re­nee nds a half-naked pic­ture of Dar­ragh on her lap­top, she is ex­cited at the thought of Dar­ragh and Far­rah’s bur­geon­ing ro­mance. Re­nee thinks all her sus­pi­cions are con rmed when she sees Dar­ragh ask Far­rah to a gig, so when she sees him on an­other date later she is shocked.

Mean­while, Cris­tiano goes to see Will when he hears Dean has kicked him out, and when Mairead dis­cov­ers this she is dis­turbed. Phoebe dis­cov­ers a pic­ture of Cris­tiano in Will’s wal­let and puts all the pieces to­gether. She calls both Will and Mairead liars, and Mairead passes this on to Cris­tiano, telling him he has de­stroyed their fam­ily. Will re­solves to end things with Cris­tiano for good to save his fam­ily, and Mairead agrees to take him back if he can keep his dis­tance. Dean nds the cou­ple to­gether and re­luc­tantly agrees to let Mairead stay a few more nights, but will the new­found peace last?

Sharon catches Far­rah and Dar­ragh in a com­pro­mis­ing po­si­tion

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