Not so amaz­ing Grace

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Glenn is out of the hospi­tal, and Grace is ready to put her plan into ac­tion – she is go­ing to rob an ATM van and then ma­nip­u­late Jay into get­ting rid of Glenn for her. Jay catches Roxy and Grace dis­cussing the plan, and later, Glenn catches wind of it too. Fu­ri­ous that Grace has planned to be­tray him, Glenn sets out to take care of her, but when he ar­rives he en­coun­ters an ob­sta­cle and is forced to re­think. Mean­while, the WAGs come up with a plan to get rid of Glenn once and for all, but can it work?

Mean­while, Kim can’t shake o the feel­ing that Far­rah is cheat­ing on her. She takes her girl­friend’s phone and dis­cov­ers mes­sages be­tween her and Grace, leav­ing her heart­bro­ken. When she con­fronts Far­rah about the mes­sages, she tells her all about their plan to kill Glenn.

Mean­while, Glenn re­leases a video of Si­mone o er­ing sex for cash, and the story makes the lo­cal head­lines. With Glenn ght­ing back, the WAGs de­cide they need to get rid of him sooner than later, but Liam nds out about their mur­der­ous plans and de­cides to take ac­tion – will the WAGs suc­ceed?

Out on the town, Jack and Breda pre­tend to be a cou­ple, but can Leela see through their lies?

The women plan to take down Glenn

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