Caught in the act

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Cas­sius has been caught and is fes­ter­ing in jail await­ing trial. Aaron and Mark are the rst to go see him, and they tell him in no un­cer­tain terms that he is to stay clear of Piper.

On the out­side, Tyler is glad to be free but gut­ted when he learns of Piper and Cas­sius’ con­nec­tion. Sonya, mean­while, may be the only one miss­ing Cas­sius as her nurs­ery is strug­gling with­out him.

Chloe helps Pierce plan a swanky wine-tast­ing party, and one thing leads to an­other.

Paul catches Leo and Terese in an embrace and im­me­di­ately loses his tem­per, ring Leo as the Head of Busi­ness A airs.

Cap­tion: Paul catches Leo and Terese

Paul catches Leo and Terese

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