Is­abel Hod­gins talks about some try­ing times ahead for Em­merdale’s Vic­to­ria Bar­ton

Is­abel Hod­gins talks about the try­ing times ahead for her Em­merdale char­ac­ter, Vic­to­ria Bar­ton

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The chal­lenges are com­ing thick and fast for Em­merdale’s Vic­to­ria Bar­ton, née Sug­den. Right now, her hus­band, Adam, is on the run af­ter be­ing wrongly ac­cused of mur­der­ing Emma. There’s a cou­ple of rea­sons why Vic­to­ria might be bet­ter off with­out him. First, Adam has been ly­ing to her; sec­ond, Vic­to­ria has ro­man­tic in­ter­ests else­where. Specif­i­cally with Matty, her hus­band’s brother and the son of Moira.

This of course gets com­pli­cated as Moira is ac­tu­ally Emma’s killer and she’s the very per­son who catches Vic­to­ria and Matty shar­ing a pas­sion­ate kiss.

Both Matty and Vic­to­ria are left reel­ing when Moira blurts out that it was she and not Adam who is guilty of Emma’s mur­der. A fu­ri­ous Vic­to­ria now wants to take Moira down. First though, Vic­to­ria is de­ter­mined to find her hus­band. She breaks into his of­fice and starts ri­fling through the drawers. Later, Vic­to­ria’s brother Robert is alarmed to see the lock to the of­fice bro­ken and pa­pers ev­ery­where. When he spots an empty file named ‘Europe trips’, how­ever, things start to make sense.

Aaron tries to hide his guilt when Robert tells Vic­to­ria that no one knows where Adam is. Of course, as view­ers find out, Aaron does in fact know Adam’s where­abouts.

Vic­to­ria tells Robert she has hired a pri­vate in­ves­ti­ga­tor to find Adam. She is un­fazed when Glen, the de­tec­tive, ad­vises her that track­ing down Adam will be ex­pen­sive. She trans­fers the first pay­ment to him so he can start look­ing.

Later, Robert and Matty are floored when Aaron tells them Adam con­tacted him weeks ago and is cur­rently in Bu­dapest.

Glen, mean­while, lies to Vic­to­ria and tells her he has lo­cated Adam in Por­tu­gal. He asks for £5,000. Matty is con­cerned and comes clean to Moira about know­ing for a fact Adam isn’t in Por­tu­gal. He also man­ages to take Vic­to­ria’s en­ve­lope of cash, marked for Glen, out of her bag with­out her notic­ing. Mean­while, Vic­to­ria finds her­self in tricky cir­cum­stances when she meets up with Glen and searches for the cash in vain. Glen quickly loses his pa­tience and Matty, Robert and Aaron are left fran­tic when they track Vic­to­ria down, but find her phone ly­ing on the ground. Is­abel Hod­gins takes up the story.

It’s been a tough few weeks for Vic­to­ria hasn’t it, with the whole Matty and Moira si­t­u­a­tion?

Yeah, I think it re­ally has been tough, be­cause there’s been a bit a lot of frus­tra­tion for Vic­to­ria. She liked Matty, he didn’t like her, then he starts to get a bit jeal­ous of her. So, it all comes to a head and they get to kiss. It’s very ex­cit­ing and the start of some­thing.

But then Moira catches them, loses her tem­per and says what they’re do­ing is wrong. It re­ally does go from one ex­treme to the other very quickly. Moira con­demns Vic­to­ria for kiss­ing her hus­band’s brother and con­firms that Adam did not kill Emma. Vic­to­ria knows then that Adam and her­self have been through so much for noth­ing.

What is she look­ing for when she breaks into the haulier’s yard?

I think she’s just look­ing for any clues. A good place to start would be where Adam was the day that he left. Yes, she makes a bit of a mess of it and takes files home and then be­comes ob­sessed with ri­fling through them and find­ing some­thing. But she just wants an­swers in any way, shape or form.

Her brother, Robert, tells her that no one knows where Adam is, but does she trust that any­one is gen­uinely on her side?

I don’t think she does. I think she’s got no one to trust, not even her own brother, be­cause of his re­la­tion­ship with Aaron, Matty and Moira. So I think she feels lonely in all of this and the one per­son that she’d want to speak to is her hus­band, who’s on the run, ac­cused of mur­der. It’s a very tricky time for her.

What does the pri­vate in­ves­ti­ga­tor say to her?

He says that Adam is in Por­tu­gal, so fi­nally, Vic­to­ria has a place that she could fly to and be with him. When Glen, the PI, asks for five grand in re­turn for Adam’s ad­dress, it’s a no-brainer: of course she’s go­ing to go ahead with it.

What hap­pens when she dis­cov­ers the money to pay off the dodgy de­tec­tive is gone?

She has to think fast. She tells Glen that she knows who has the money and they need to get it from him. But Glen in­tim­i­dates her and it all turns a bit sin­is­ter when she re­alises the dan­ger she is in, be­ing alone with some­one like that. It’s panic sta­tions for Vic­to­ria.

How do you think Vic­to­ria will feel when she finds out that Aaron knows more about Adam’s wher­abouts than he’s let­ting on?

I think she gets that Adam is Aaron’s best friend, but it’s a shock to find out that Aaron has ab­so­lutely no loy­alty to her what­so­ever, es­pe­cially as they’ve known each other for such a long time.

Vic­to­ria is very alone now; is it fair to say she’s go­ing to go a lit­tle bit off the rails?

Yes, she does. There’s a part of her that still loves Adam. But then, at the end of the day, Vic­to­ria is 24 years of age and knows that this is no life for her, miss­ing this guy who has left her. So she’s try­ing to put her­self out there.

I don’t re­ally think she’s think­ing about her­self, or about the boys that may like her, what­ever she’s done. She’s mak­ing bad de­ci­sions and she’s try­ing to jus­tify her be­hav­iour. But it’s only be­cause she’s hurt­ing. Does any­body think ra­tio­nally when they’re heart­bro­ken and has been be­trayed by their loved ones? She needs to just ride the wave and not go off the rails!

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