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Libra Septem­ber 24 – Oc­to­ber 23

Text: Myli­bra to 53307 *€ 0.60

Things may not be mov­ing quickly enough on a pro­fes­sional level. Never mind. Don’t get bogged down with is­sues that link you with the past. Re­lax and let it all hap­pen, as it will. Trust the process of life and leave ma­jor choices up to fate for the time be­ing. You may re­con­nect with the past in some re­spects, but it won’t be the same this time around. Be open to de­vel­op­ments though: op­por­tu­ni­ties to kiss and make up are usu­ally the best way for­ward for all con­cerned. Be for­giv­ing: there is a rea­son be­hind what is hap­pen­ing and it is all good.

Aries March 21 – April 20

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Use hu­mour to wrig­gle free of most tricky sce­nar­ios. Get things sorted and get down to busi­ness. Be as prac­ti­cal and or­gan­ised as pos­si­ble. You can stay one step ahead with in­ven­tive think­ing; but make sure the de­tails aren’t too tech­ni­cal. Don’t give your­self too much to keep track of. You could bend the rules just a lit­tle and bring about a break­through. Be de­ter­mined and you will reel in many good things. Be se­lect as you set­tle on your tar­get, take aim and fire! You have the skill to iden­tify the best path; all you have to do is walk it to sur­pass all tak­ers.

Taurus April 21 – May 21

Text: My­tau­rus to 53307 *€0.60

You can make an im­pres­sion so­cially this week. Rise above your doubts and see what hap­pens when you pro­ject more con­fi­dence into the world. Don’t hide in the shad­ows with the love stuff. It is time to ex­press the way you are feel­ing. Use your ag­ile mind in a tricky si­t­u­a­tion: you are onto a sure thing. Work out what hap­pens next, and then fo­cus to bring it all about. You are well able to cre­ate your fu­ture in a proac­tive way, so make in­tel­li­gent choices and do your worst!

Gemini May 22 – June 22

Text: Mygem­ini to 53307 *€0.60

Be nifty with your de­ci­sions and take care not to at­tach high ex­pec­ta­tions to some­one else’s fu­ture.

Some­times one has to just sit back and let it all hap­pen. Loved ones need to be in­de­pen­dent and make their own mis­takes, so con­cen­trate on what you need to do. An­swer all ques­tions hon­estly; then hold onto your hat. In­tegrity counts! Your mag­i­cal mo­ments are go­ing to mul­ti­ply as you be­come more in tune with the uni­verse and what it is re­veal­ing.

Can­cer June 23 – July 23

Text: My­cancer to 53307 *€ 0.60

Don’t panic about mak­ing mis­takes: there are sev­eral routes to your des­ti­na­tion. Use your power of per­sua­sion to good ef­fect this week. It is a good time to state your case and sort out a mis­un­der­stand­ing. You are a for­mi­da­ble op­po­nent at present, so it will pay to be wise. Fo­cus on the love stuff. Nifty moves and per­ti­nent ac­tion makes sense. Go for gold and fol­low through a dream plan. If you don’t go for it now, when will you ever? Make those love moves and see where you get to: don’t stand on cer­e­mony.


July 24 – Au­gust 23

Text: Myleo to 53307 *€ 0.60

Make the most of break­through mo­ments. It is time to embrace what’s in the present. Try to pla­cate awk­ward peo­ple with a smile. It is im­por­tant to leave em­bar­rass­ment to one side as you make your love play for some­one be­guil­ing: now is the time to get to grips with that spe­cial some­one. What do you have to lose ex­actly? Some re­cent event has paved the way for many good things. A win­dow is now open, but are you un­sure whether to view it as a gift or a trap?


Au­gust 24 – Septem­ber 23

Text: Myvirgo to 53307 *€ 0.60

Per­haps it is time to take a timely risk, but be smart: it wouldn’t do to get caught with your prover­bial pants down. Ring the changes in an in­no­va­tive fash­ion and be dis­creet as you feel your way for­ward. You may feel mel­low and hy­per in al­ter­na­tive mo­ments. It is now time to smile upon the world, hop­ing it will smile right back. Let go of past dis­ap­point­ments – the big pic­ture will be­gin to look very dif­fer­ent. Ditch buried hurt and emo­tional sce­nar­ios.

Scorpio Oc­to­ber 24 – Novem­ber 22

Text: Myscor­pio to 53307 *€0.60

Don’t be afraid to ham it up for the self­ies at a so­cial en­gage­ment. What’s wrong with grab­bing a bit of at­ten­tion now and again? Be philo­soph­i­cal about a lost op­por­tu­nity: what’s meant for you won’t pass you by. Un­ex­pected pos­si­bil­i­ties may be on of­fer, so be open and don’t pre-empt what is to come. The cos­mos in­ter­venes, bring­ing seren­ity to a chal­leng­ing si­t­u­a­tion. Try as you might, you won’t be able to in­flu­ence things as you see fit.

Sagittarius Novem­ber 23 – De­cem­ber 21

Text: Mysagit­tar­iuS to 53307 *€ 0.60

Con­tinue to be the sur­vivor that you are. Stay in the spirit of things and go along with even the mad­dest de­vel­op­ments. Your de­ter­mi­na­tion is what counts, so keep your eye on the ball. Get busy with clear­ing up a bit of a mess. Let go of what isn’t work­ing. If you don’t make a big ef­fort, cer­tain golden op­por­tu­ni­ties will pass you by. Time is of the essence. You are at your most im­pres­sive and well able to de­liver.

Capricorn De­cem­ber 22 – Jan­uary 20

Text: My­capri­corn to 53307 *€ 0.60 Re­mem­ber money can’t buy you love. Get your pri­or­i­ties right and the rest will fol­low. Lis­ten to the ad­vice of some­one older and wiser; then you will re­alise what you can do to re­trieve things. It isn’t the time to be too proud: you might learn some­thing. In­de­pen­dent though you are, it could be ben­e­fi­cial to grovel just a lit­tle bit at the right mo­ments. Your luck seems to be wa­ver­ing, but hang in there, as the end is in sight. Be pa­tient and keep things in per­spec­tive.

Aquarius Jan­uary 21 – Fe­bru­ary 19

Text: Myaquar­ius to 53307 *€ 0.60

Ex­pect chal­lenges that you haven’t fore­seen. Keep com­mu­ni­ca­tion clear and be as straight­for­ward as pos­si­ble: there’s no point mak­ing things more com­pli­cated than they al­ready are. Sit loose to cur­rent cir­cum­stances and wait to see what un­folds. Pa­tience will be rewarded. A ‘lais­sez faire’ ap­proach works best, rather than fid­dling around, hop­ing for a par­tic­u­lar out­come. Time is a great healer as al­ways.

Pisces Fe­bru­ary 20 – March 20

Text: Myp­isces to 53307 *€ 0.60

Don’t try to im­pose your own will on the pro­ceed­ings. Sur­pris­ing love moves will get you go­ing in all the right ways. Keep your ear to the ground and don’t miss out on a gen­uine of­fer. Be care­ful not to get on the wrong side of col­leagues though. Keep a han­dle on your tem­per and use hu­mour to dif­fuse a si­t­u­a­tion. Your in­stincts will pull you through a tricky sce­nario. Give credit where it is due, but take a bow too, es­pe­cially if you have per­formed well.

Michael Gam­bon, Oc­to­ber 16, 1940

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