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Is í 2018 Bli­ain na Gaeilge, and to cel­e­brate, we have a prac­ti­cal phrase as Gaeilge each week, with a trans­la­tion and how to use it!

This week’s phrase: Is minic gur bhris béal duine a shrón Pro­nun­ci­a­tion: Is min- ick gurr vr­ish bale din- ah ah hrow- n Trans­la­tion: A per­son’s mouth of­ten broke his nose

It’s a less dan­ger­ous phrase in English, be­cause in English, loose words only re­sult in putting your foot in it. In Ir­ish, how­ever, you get your nose bro­ken! Mind those loose words... See lots more for Bli­ain na Gaeilge at rte.ie/gaeilge

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