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Across 8/27D At 64, The Duke had enough of

it to get a gong for it. (4,4)

9 Min­strel Boy? Yes, the very one to

or­der our bard out. (10)

10 Dream on with noth­ing to turn to

be­ing left high and dry. (8)

11 No can do? (6)

12 See 7D

13 Burst­ing at the seams, we hear. So

what’s the deal? (4)

15 Zulu in arms? I might put it for

one. (4)

18 cop: comes un­der na­tional se­cu­rity.

t (6,9) 20 This is not for the hear­ing: fade

out. (4)

21 Only medium in which JR Ew­ing would have his por­trait painted? (4)

22 See 7D

25 See 23D

27 Age of kings, no less, for ar­chi­tects

to ad­dress. (8)

28 Take no ac­tion and make room for

an­other. (5,5)

29 I play the old Latin game. (4) Down 1 Ster­nal de­fence against Cupid’s ar­rows

per­haps? (10)

2 It will be on your head, Mr Jones – do fear

about it. (6)

3/4D/24D Judge may be called for how lo­cals came home from the nightly crack in the Ice Age ! (5-4,5)

4 See 3D

5 What a par­a­digm shift is this if the an­swer

can go the other way? (5-4)

6 Isn’t ev­ery do-gooder’s last dice mis­cast?


7/12A/22A Max­i­mum warp speed!” went Cap­tain Kirk aboard ’60s speak. (4,5,5)

14 A dark cloud or shroud you’ll hear to

hor­rify. (5)

16 Sounds like this in­for­ma­tion is framed for

pub­lic con­sump­tion. (10)

17 With a weight on his shoul­ders he shows

his true self. (9)

19 A pa­pal lay­ing waste to car­di­nal sin? Even­tu­ally leads with Francis’ de­scrip­tion of it. (8)

23/25A Dick Turpin’s gal­lows hu­mour had him on edge be­fore and af­ter the big drop! (6,6)

24 See 3D

26 The dog that went twice to Oz. (4)

27 See 8A

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