Cross­word No. 46 by Rose­bud

4100 to the first cor­rect so­lu­tion out of the bag and an ex­clu­sive Rose­bud note­book to the run­ner-up

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8 Must be cold for the Ir­ish to wrap a fur

around. (4)

9 Over and over it will be said...(10)

10 neat was the ax­ing of Ann

Bo­leyn’s head? (5-3)

11/12A Tom Paine’s 18th-Cen­tury tome: Trump’s favourite be­fore he read it? (6,2,3)

13/3D A must-buy at any cost at this rate

to the seller’s loss. (4-5)

15/24D What, four words for an ad­verb to

such an ex­tent? (7,2)

18 Not re­ally a cause célèbre, but it sounds

like the ad­vent of one to come. (7,8)

20 Sure about that name on line? (4)

21 What re­mains of some stale essence. (4) 22 Op­er­a­tion Pa­per­clip they called it − first

class blast they got from it! (1-4)

25 Lord loses head in a tizzy to pro­mote a

priest. (6)

27 They’d be open­ing and clos­ing re­marks

in punc­tu­a­tion. (8)

28 Wouldn’t Ja­cob’s lad­der put the fear of

God in those af­flicted with it? (10)

29 Looks like the white cas­tle’s in its

proper place here! (4)


1 Heats up to a fi­nal cli­max? (10) 2 These are down to print­ers at

rare mis­han­dling. (6)

3 See 13A

4 Ex­pec­to­rate? Drib­ble! (4)

5 What loss if I care Se­nior Coun­sel’s about to hang for a sheep or a lamb! (9)

6 Like old but­lers they still look...

now stand­ing on thin ice? (8) 7/26D On the level, no ob­sta­cles

in this con­test? (4,4)

14 O, a bed ar­ranged for res­i­dents

we hear! (5)

16 Un­hur­ried move­ment un­heard

of in real time. (4,6)

17 There’s no hear­ing of it till it

comes down like this. (9)

19 Wouldn’t a red bull (in Span­ish)

be in or­der for a bull­fighter? (8) 23 They make their dough at

night. (6)

24 See 15A

26 See 7D

27 Grab a bear to find the pig in

the mid­dle! (4)

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