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An­other fraud which hap­pens reg­u­larly is where fraud­sters get your bank ac­count and per­sonal de­tails and then set up a di­rect debit us­ing your ac­count de­tails, thereby get­ting you to un­know­ingly pay for some­thing for the con­man, ac­cord­ing to D’arcy.

In cases like this, the di­rect debit could be go­ing through on your ac­count for months be­fore you dis­cover it. Banks will usu­ally only re­fund you for two or three months of the fraud­u­lent di­rect debit pay­ments — though some will re­fund you for longer, ac­cord­ing to D’arcy. “To pre­vent this type of fraud, reg­u­larly check your credit card and bank state­ments — so that you quickly spot any un­usual trans­ac­tions on your ac­count,” said D’arcy. “Also, avoid putting any pa­per­work with per­sonal de­tails into your re­cy­cling bin — as fraud­sters can get your de­tails in this way.”

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