If all you need is a mir­a­cle, says Sarah Caden, the pan­el­lists have five quick fixes to re­store your for­mer glory, fast

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It’s never a bad time for a quick fix, but this time of year is when we feel par­tic­u­larly slug­gish and in need of a jump-start. Sud­denly, it’s that bit harder to mo­ti­vate your­self to do any­thing other than slob out in the evenings, and the C-word — or what we’ll call ‘the party sea­son’ for now — seems a long way away. It’s the time of year when it’s all too easy to let things slide. And then, when an oc­ca­sion arises, you look in the mir­ror and scream for a mir­a­cle. And a fast one, at that.

To­day’s top five are tried-and-tested quick-fixes for your face. Your ne­glected hair and body will have to wait for another day. To­day, it’s just about what’s look­ing back at you, ac­cus­ingly, from the mir­ror. These are the prod­ucts to reach for when you de­spair of ever un­do­ing dam­age done by lack of sleep, lack of sun­shine, lack of the will to ex­fo­li­ate.

And while we have five on the page, we know that fi­nances are tight. So don’t sink into de­spair that you’ll never look right un­less you own all five. Dare to take a good look in the mir­ror and es­tab­lish what needs most at­ten­tion, and then pick your fix. One fix can do won­ders, though the can’t-stop fans of cos­metic surgery might dis­agree.


This is not for use ev­ery night. We tell you this now, be­cause you will be tempted. This overnight mask has fruit acids to eat away dead skin cells, omega oils to re­plen­ish fats, and a fer­mented yeast ex­tract, which ap­par­ently helps the skin to draw in mois­ture. Oh, what­ever, it all works. Mas­sage it in be­fore bed and wake up re­stored. We swear. “I love this brand’s Flash Rinse, be­cause you can see an ef­fect straight away, and this gives the same in­stant­grat­i­fi­ca­tion magic,” said one pan­el­list.


We have fea­tured the reg­u­lar-is­sue ver­sion of this serum, but this new re­lease is de­signed for sen­si­tive skin, and de­liv­ers a more gen­tle hit of gy­colic acid, which works to resur­face the skin and im­prove its abil­ity to hold mois­ture. For some sen­si­tive types, though, two nights of such treat­ment was too much, so, voila, a remix with high-tol­er­ance gy­colic acid and sooth­ing rose wa­ter. “I found this tex­tu­rally lighter than the creamy orig­i­nal,” a pan­el­list said. “Just as ef­fec­tive, though. Nice, soft skin.”


We know, you’re now think­ing ‘tit tape’. And you’re not far off. The red-car­pet ad­he­sive is in­sur­ance against slip­page, and so is this. It looks like an eye cream, but you squeeze it on to your eye area, cheeks or jaw­line — wher­ever grav­ity is do­ing its worst — and as it dries, you feel ev­ery­thing get tighter. Even bet­ter, you can see it in the mir­ror, too. “It’s a weird feel­ing — the gel dries and makes the skin taut, but the ef­fect is a very pleas­ant sur­prise,” said one pan­el­list.


What’s new about this is the ap­pli­ca­tor. Part-me­tal, part-poly­mer, it’s a bendy, teardrop-shaped ball that is coolly me­tal­lic on the skin, which feels very nice around the eyes. The prod­uct is the eye-friendly ver­sion of the best-selling serum, and it does a good job of hy­drat­ing and sooth­ing this area. “This is one of those prod­ucts where you should read the in­struc­tion leaflet,” one pan­el­list said. “Oth­er­wise you could end up wast­ing prod­uct and miss­ing out on some nice eye mas­sage.”


If you don’t nor­mally like the feel of oil on your skin, but fancy all the oily ben­e­fits, then try this. There’s science be­hind the sus­pen­sion of “watery cap­sules” in a blend of three skin­friendly oils, but what you need to know is that the end re­sult is as light in tex­ture as they prom­ise and not at all greasy. “I can’t be­lieve it, but this works bril­liantly un­der make-up, un­der night cream, or in­stead of day cream,” a pan­el­list said. “It’s a won­der.” Pic­tured, from left, Ren Wake Won­der­ful Night-Time Fa­cial; Chanel Le Week­end de Chanel Edi­tion Douce; Es­tee Lauder New Di­men­sion Ex­pert Liq­uid Tape; Lancome Ad­vanced Genifique Yeux Light-Pearl; YSL For­ever Youth Lib­er­a­tor Wa­ter-in-Oil

Ren Wake Won­der­ful Night-Time Fa­cial, €40, Arnotts; Marks & Spencer Beauty Halls; se­lected phar­ma­cies na­tion­wide Chanel Le Week­end de Chanel Edi­tion Douce, €90.50, Chanel coun­ters na­tion­wide Es­tee Lauder New Di­men­sion Ex­pert Liq­uid Tape, €58, Es­tee Lauder coun­ters na­tion­wide Lancome Ad­vanced Genifique Yeux Light-Pearl, €55, Lancome coun­ters na­tion­wide YSL For­ever Youth Lib­er­a­tor Wa­ter-in­Oil, €80, YSL coun­ters na­tion­wide

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