As Barry Egan talks to comic leg­end Pat Shortt (see Page 18), Pat Fitz­patrick looks at some of the per­former’s high­lights on stage, TV and in the charts

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Pat Shortt and Jon Kenny had us burst­ing our sides at culchies back in the day. Try that now, and you’d be ac­cused of in­cit­ing ha­tred against muck sav­ages. Or what­ever the po­lit­i­cally cor­rect term is, th­ese days. A favourite char­ac­ter on D’Un­be­liev­ables was the ‘Right Funny Man Darcy’, a sar­cas­tic teacher, who will be fa­mil­iar to any­one who went to school in Ire­land. Sure, the hu­mil­i­a­tion didn’t do me any last­ing harm, says you, still hav­ing the night­mares about sit­ting in class with­out your pants on.


Most Ir­ish shows are in­clined to steer clear of ‘Allo ‘Allo! style stereo­types. Kil­li­naskully had a Ger­man char­ac­ter called Di­eter Langer. Ve love zat. It would be wrong to say the show de­picted your typ­i­cal Ir­ish vil­lage. Mainly be­cause it didn’t have a hous­ing es­tate called An­gry Dubs Who Couldn’t Even Af­ford to Buy in Meath, Wha’? Or a small busi­ness called Two Culchies Who Grew Beards So They Could Sell Over­priced Rocket In Farm­ers’ Mar­kets.





Pat’s com­e­dy­drama about a guard from the coun­try, work­ing above in the big city. Are you sure that wasn’t a re­al­ity show, says you, still wait­ing to come across a guard with a Dublin ac­cent? Don’t be so smart. The Tem­ple­more ac­cent is more con­ta­gious than last year’s strain of gen­i­tal warts in Ma­galuf. Walk around the town for half an hour, and you’ll be talkin’ coun­try by the time you get back to your car. Or veh-heee-killl, as it’s known lo­cally.


You might re­mem­ber that Pat’s char­ac­ter in Fa­ther Ted wore an “I Shot JR” T-shirt. Some say it would have been more ac­cu­rate if he had worn a “Frankie Say Re­lax” T-shirt. We say a T-shirt cel­e­brat­ing a song about or­gasms was still a no-no in ru­ral Ire­land. “Frankie Say Wait Un­til You Are Mar­ried”. Now you’re talk­ing. RTE made its own 1980s show depict­ing a char­ac­ter that made JR look like a pri­est. It was called The Nine O’Clock News. Star­ring Charles Haughey. As him­self.




The chin­scratch­ing brigade like to ar­gue over the piece of art that best cap­tured the Celtic Tiger years. It’s fair to say they won’t con­sider Pat’s song, The Jumbo Break­fast Roll. It’s fair to say they should. Other coun­tries cel­e­brate their wealth with sky­scrapers and in­fras­truc­ture. We ate half a pig in a petrol sta­tion ev­ery morn­ing for three years. Will Pat get the credit for cap­tur­ing this in a sim­ple song? He will in his roll.

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