The ladies are all a-flut­ter

With mas­cara, we keep com­ing back for more, says Sarah Caden, so give it a lash with th­ese five favourites

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It could be the rel­a­tive af­ford­abil­ity of mas­cara that leads us to buy so many of them. It could be. Or it could be the fact that Ir­ish peo­ple, with our tra­di­tional ten­dency to fairer hair and rub­bish, straight and short eye­lashes, are al­ways look­ing for a mir­a­cle. Or maybe we’re just greedy.

It al­ways seems to be men and small ba­bies who get the best of the eye­lashes. They al­ways seem to have the long, curled, flut­ter­some va­ri­ety that women want and try to recre­ate, day after day, with mas­cara. But it’s only mas­cara, de­spite the ever longer names ap­plied to it, and the re­ally quite re­mark­able claims that some of them make. A highly re­garded make-up artist re­cently sug­gested to me that, re­ally, the mas­cara-mak­ers shouldn’t try to fix every­thing with one prod­uct. As in, they should ei­ther fo­cus on vol­ume, or curl or length, in­stead of try­ing to fix all at once. All at once, she said, wasn’t pos­si­ble.

Of course, no mat­ter what mas­cara you use (from your stock­pile), you can boost the re­sults of even the most rub­bish one by us­ing an eye­lash curler first. Just make sure it’s a de­cent one that’s nicely cush­ioned with rub­ber strips, or you risk in­ad­ver­tently snip­ping off what lashes you have.


YSL Mas­cara Vinyl Cou­ture, €34, ex­clu­sive to Deben­hams un­til May 22, then YSL coun­ters na­tion­wide Some of you may have been un­aware that gloss was some­thing to aspire to for your eye­lashes. Use of this mas­cara might con­vince you oth­er­wise. The shiny, vinyl-like ap­pear­ance of this prod­uct is flat­ter­ing, even on short or mea­gre lashes. The shini­ness catches the light and makes the black shade seem more dra­matic and glamorous. How­ever, this comes in four other colours, too, in­clud­ing good old elec­tric blue and an out-there pink. “Ba­si­cally, this looks like mas­cara that hasn’t dried,” said one panellist, “which is a good thing. It’s not clumpy, and it’s not thick-look­ing — it’s just very glam.”


Bour­jois Vol­ume 1 Se­conde Mas­cara, €12.99, avail­able na­tion­wide We have two mas­caras with odd­look­ing wands this week. This mas­cara wand boasts spher­i­cal fi­bres, which claim to wrap the mas­cara all around the lash, and not just on one side. It also has straight bris­tles, which then comb apart and de­fine the coated lashes. You get both vol­ume and length, they prom­ise, so long as you ap­ply the mas­cara with a zig-zag mo­tion. Don’t say you weren’t told. “The black is won­der­fully black,” said one panellist, “and the mas­cara has plenty of pumped-up oomph.”


Max Fac­tor Volup­tuous False Lash Ef­fect, €16.99, avail­able na­tion­wide False-lash ef­fect with­out false-lash has­sle is what a lot of peo­ple want from a mas­cara. This is ask­ing a lot. It de­mands that the prod­uct bulks out the lashes to look like there are more of them, and it also asks for greater length. “The pe­cu­liar-shaped brush takes a lit­tle get­ting used to,” said a panellist. “Be­cause it’s thicker than av­er­age, and has odd curves, you can tend to smudge the first few times, but prac­tice makes for full and well-sep­a­rated lashes.”


Ur­ban De­cay Mas­cara Res­ur­rec­tion, €13, House of Fraser, Dun­drum Town Cen­tre, D16; Deben­hams Any­one who wears mas­cara knows the sit­u­a­tion where you put some on in the morn­ing and it’s all grand for the day, but not if you’re go­ing out that night. This is a magic prod­uct in those sit­u­a­tions, in that it cuts through clumps and thins out the first layer of mas­cara, leav­ing lashes more re­cep­tive to a fresh coat. “I like a good, oomph-y vo­lu­mis­ing mas­cara, but it can look thick and lumpy,” said one panellist. “I use this prod­uct to tame down the thick­ness if I’m re­fresh­ing my make-up, or just to get rid of clumps if I’ve over­done it.”


Rim­mel Lon­don Vol­ume Colourist Mas­cara, €9.99, avail­able na­tion­wide Now, be­fore we go any­where, it must be em­pha­sised that you have to give this stuff time to work. You will not see re­sults im­me­di­ately. How­ever, this does what it says, which is that it not only func­tions as a mas­cara but also, with daily use, it will tint your lashes. Re­ally. Use has to be daily, though, and it will be two weeks be­fore you see re­sults. And they will not be per­ma­nent, ei­ther. “If your lashes are very fair, like mine, this is fan­tas­tic stuff,” one panellist said. “The tint is not very dark, which suits me, but it’s def­i­nite.”

Pic­tured, from left, YSL Mas­cara Vinyl Cou­ture; Bour­jois Vol­ume 1 Se­conde Mas­cara; Max Fac­tor Volup­tuous False Lash Ef­fect; Ur­ban De­cay Mas­cara Res­ur­rec­tion; Rim­mel Lon­don Vol­ume Colourist Mas­cara

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