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RTE weather pre­sen­ter I would call my­self a fem­i­nist. It means I am proud to pro­mote and sup­port other women in our pur­suit for equal­ity. Feminism can be seen as a dirty word, and mis­con­strued some­times as em­body­ing an ag­gres­sive and pushy woman. This is far from the truth. It de­grades the word feminism. It is a com­plete mis­un­der­stand­ing of what the word means.

Re­mem­ber, some men have been great ad­vo­cates for the fem­i­nist move­ment too, a per­fect ex­am­ple be­ing [writer and ac­tivist] Fran­cis Sheehy-Sk­eff­in­g­ton. I love the fact that when, as Fran­cis Sk­eff­in­g­ton, he mar­ried Han­nah Sheehy, they both took each other’s sur­name. It made a clear state­ment about the equal­ity in the re­la­tion­ship.

I am not fan of gen­der quo­tas. I think a per­son should get any job be­cause they are the best per­son for that job — be they male or fe­male. Some­times women may not be the most suit­able for a po­si­tion be­cause she hasn’t been able to work out­side the home for a num­ber of years, while rear­ing her chil­dren.

If child­care was more af­ford­able, maybe more women would feel sup­ported eco­nom­i­cally and bet­ter able to stay in the work­force. The sys­tem needs to help women, not hin­der them.

If feminism re­ally is un­fair on men, it will make them see first-hand what women go through. Then I’m quite sure things will change for the bet­ter for women much quicker!

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