‘I am a divil for choco­late’

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What did your mother make you?

My dad was al­ways the cook of the house, so my Mum got away scot-free from the cook­ing du­ties.

What is your hang­over cure?

A dirty fry, or an even dirt­ier chip­per.

If you could only eat three things for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Ooh, I was only talk­ing about this with my boyfriend. It would have to be sushi; chicken; and pota­toes.

What is the most ap­petis­ing smell in the world?

Gar­lic! I’m a gar­lic fiend; I want it in ev­ery­thing.

You can go any­where and have any­thing to eat with any one per­son. Where, what and who?

I would hap­pily eat any­where with Michael Pol­lan; he’s such an in­ter­est­ing food writer. He in­stantly makes you ap­pre­ci­ate food and the cook­ing process.

What’s your favourite restau­rant in Ire­land?

The Bal­ly­more Inn in Kil­dare is my favourite. If you haven’t eaten there, then make it your busi­ness to. And abroad? A lit­tle restau­rant by the beach on the Greek is­land of Rhodes called Pe­ga­sus. It was run by the most charis­matic Greek man. We ate there pretty much ev­ery day, and by the end of our hol­i­day, he would keep us the big­gest fish caught that day!

What’s your sweet treat?

I am a divil for choco­late — or a cream-and-jam dough­nut is my ul­ti­mate sweet treat.

What do you refuse to eat?

I am al­ways will­ing to try things a few times to see if they will even­tu­ally grow on me, but I will hap­pily refuse turnip for the rest of my life. It is vile.

Worst meal ever?

Any­thing that in­volves cook­ing it from frozen. It’s sad­ness on a plate.

What is your guilty plea­sure?

The weird­est combo of food that I could de­vour would be chips and ice cream. Any­thing sweet and savoury to­gether I love, but then adding in the hot and cold as well — I don’t know why, I just love it!

When you eat healthily, what’s your regime?

Be­cause I train five days a week, I have to eat healthily most of the time. I do al­low my­self treats ev­ery now and then, but most days I have my meals prepped. I have boiled eggs and av­o­cado on toast with a bowl of por­ridge in the morn­ing; a blended juice mid-morn­ing, and a pre-work­out meal of rice, a small por­tion of pro­tein and loads of veg be­fore I go to the gym. Then I have a pro­tein shake and two more meals of a large por­tion of pro­tein, rice, and veg, cooked with dif­fer­ent spices and sauces to mix it up.

What’s your per­fect fam­ily meal?

I love any meal that you can just slap up, with loads of dif­fer­ent op­tions on the ta­ble for ev­ery­one to dig into! In con­ver­sa­tion with So­phie White Photo by Kip Car­roll

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