We know it’s smart to wear sun pro­tec­tion, says Sarah Caden, but these five panel hits make it look good too

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Stop rolling your eyes in ex­as­per­a­tion. Of course we’ve heard it all be­fore. And yet, and yet, we do it all the time: we panic-pass on the sun­cream in or­der to soak up the rays while they’re go­ing, and then we are sur­prised when we get scalded. It’s like we have come to ac­cept that sun pro­tec­tion is the right thing to do on hol­i­days, out for­eign, but at home, the rules are dif­fer­ent. Be­cause we’re de­fi­cient in vi­ta­min D, be­cause sun dam­age doesn’t re­ally hap­pen in Ire­land? You know it does, though.

One rea­son we re­sist sun­cream — stub­born stu­pid­ity aside — is that a lot of them don’t feel nice. The very creamy, slip­pery ones that are fine on hol­i­day just don’t cut it at home, par­tic­u­larly not un­der make-up. Then there are more matt sun-pro­tec­tion prod­ucts out there, but a lot of them leave skin tinted white, due to var­i­ous ray-block­ing in­gre­di­ents.

Given that we seek ex­cuses not to wear this stuff, it needs to be more ap­peal­ing, like our five favourites to­day. They are not mois­turis­ers or make-up with sun-pro­tec­tion ben­e­fits. They are sun pro­tec­tion with skin-primp­ing ben­e­fits. They make you look good while do­ing you good, and it’s not of­ten you can say that.

BEST OVER­ALL Eucerin Sun Creme CC Creme 50+, €23.76, phar­ma­cies na­tion­wide

Any­one with sen­si­tive skin will know this brand, which works won­ders for those with rosacea, pso­ri­a­sis or just gen­eral, Irish, thin-skinned is­sues. It does great sun prod­ucts and this is a gem, com­bin­ing light make-up cov­er­age as well as ex­cel­lent broad-spec­trum sun pro­tec­tion. Seek out broad-spec­trum pro­tec­tion in all sun prod­ucts, as it means you’re pro­tected from the rays that age as well as those that burn. “This doesn’t feel like a sun prod­uct; it feels like a proper CC cream,” one pan­el­list said. “Light, smooth and non-greasy.”

BEST DEWY DE­LIGHT Avene Hy­drat­ing Skin Tone Per­fec­tor SPF 30, €26, se­lected phar­ma­cies na­tion­wide

This is a tinted spin-off of the brand’s ther­mal-water mois­turis­ers, but it’s far bet­ter than your stan­dard tinted mois­turiser. The tint is bet­ter, and so is the broad-spec­trum sun pro­tec­tion. This is the most dewy of the five favourites, and it has in­dis­cernible pur­ple pig­ments in the mix, which add to the glowy ef­fect, as they neu­tralise any dull yel­low­ness in the com­plex­ion. “Sheer but not shiny,” said one pan­el­list. “It cov­ers im­per­fec­tions, with­out look­ing like you’re caked with make-up in strong sum­mer sun­light.”

BEST CREAMY CHOICE Thalgo Age De­fence Sun­screen Cream 50+, €22, se­lected phar­ma­cies, spas and sa­lons na­tion­wide, or see

This is the most creamy of the crop and has no tint, but it is a plea­sure to use. It’s best for older, dryer skin and it works well un­der make-up. We are rec­om­mend­ing it as a very nour­ish­ing prod­uct, how­ever, that is also very ef­fec­tive on the decol­letage, which can get burnt very eas­ily and shows sun-dam­age age­ing very early. “Creamy but not greasy,” one pan­el­list said. “My skin was lovely and soft af­ter a few days’ use, as with a posh mois­turiser.”

BEST MATT MATE La Roche-Posay An­the­lios XL Tinted Dry Touch Gel-Cream SPF 50+, €20, avail­able na­tion­wide

If you have oily skin that looks sweaty come sum­mer, and goes slip­pery no mat­ter how non-greasy the sun cream claims to be, then check out this prod­uct. The gel-cream bit of the ti­tle is sup­posed to con­vey the fact that it has enough slip, but it’s not like ap­ply­ing ye olde pan­stick. And yet, won­der of won­ders, it’s fan­tas­ti­cally matt in terms of fin­ish. “I got through a sunny day in town and the park with this on, and no shine and no sun­burn; both of which I am prone to nor­mally,” said a pan­el­list.

BEST HAND HERO L’Oc­c­i­tane Vel­vet Hands in Amande SPF 15, €21, L’Oc­c­i­tane shops and se­lected phar­ma­cies na­tion­wide

Our hands tend to be over­looked when it comes to sun pro­tec­tion, which makes no sense, given that they show signs of age and dam­age early and ob­vi­ously. Ap­par­ently, driv­ing in sum­mer is a real killer for the hands, but it’s a tall or­der to re­mem­ber SPF be­fore tak­ing the wheel. You’re more likely to use hand cream reg­u­larly if you leave a few around the house (and car), and this de­li­cious and nour­ish­ing prod­uct has broad-spec­trum high pro­tec­tion. “Not too greasy and lightly scented,” said one pan­el­list. “SPF that’s a plea­sure to use.”

Pic­tured, from left, Eucerin Sun Creme CC Creme 50+; Avene Hy­drat­ing Skin Tone Per­fec­tor SPF 30; Thalgo Age De­fence Sun­screen Cream 50+; La Roche-Posay An­the­lios XL Tinted Dry Touch Gel-Cream SPF 50+; L’Oc­c­i­tane Vel­vet Hands in Amande SPF 15

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