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What do you drink?

Black cof­fee. I love the smug­ness I feel when the barista asks, ‘Room for milk?’ and I say, ‘Oh no,’ like a hard­ened caf­feine addict. I can see my­self go­ing up in their es­ti­ma­tion.

If you could only eat three things for the rest of your life what would they be? What’s your favourite restau­rant in Ire­land?

Nando’s. Am I get­ting repet­i­tive? I love chicken wings. My pal Michelle and I have a rou­tine. We take turns with who gets to sit on the comfy seat, and who goes up to or­der. Then we share a wing plat­ter.

And abroad?

They don’t sell chicken wings in Nando’s in Aus­tralia! Did you know that? And don’t bother telling me chicken ten­ders are just as good.

Are there any foods you have had to cut out or cut down on that you miss?

I don’t eat su­gar at all. Of any de­scrip­tion. No ste­via/agave/maple syrup/honey. I don’t miss it a sin­gle bit. I started by cut­ting out any­thing that had ‘ingredients’ — there are no ingredients in a cu­cum­ber, like. Now I eat more ca­su­ally, but still noth­ing with su­gar.

What’s your per­fect fam­ily meal?

My house­mates Jo and Cathal and I, mak­ing break­fast to­gether, and chat­ting about what’s com­ing up for the day ahead. I’ve lived with them for five years now, so they are a fam­ily to me. And when we have a chance to eat to­gether, it’s lovely.

I don’t drink, so I’m spared the tor­ture of scrolling through justeat.ie on a Sun­day morn­ing and cry­ing from the in­de­ci­sion. Chicken wings from my nana’s multi-cooker. Chicken wings from Nando’s. And chicken wings pulled off a roast chicken. It’s fairly es­sen­tial. I mean, with­out it I would die. I en­joy food, but it’s just fuel for me.

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