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Af­ter sev­eral months dur­ing which in­ter­views with Enda would in­vari­ably end with that coy lit­tle ques­tion about that elec­tion date, and an equally coy re­sponse, at which point both par­ties would go home tired but happy, fi­nally he used a Twit­ter video to an­nounce that it would be held on Fe­bru­ary 26.

Which would give the patho­log­i­cal politi­cos a good month of it, largely obliv­i­ous to out­side dis­trac­tions such as the award­ing of a knight­hood to Van Mor­ri­son, another of the great artists of the 20th Cen­tury, al­beit an un­usual hon­our in that he hadn’t yet made it to the obit­u­ar­ies.

And while Trump was still tak­ing out his Repub­li­can op­po­nents, one by one, the real wonder of the world at this time was Le­ices­ter City, who were crazily lead­ing the Pre­mier League, and look­ing like they might even have a chance of win­ning it — though of course that could never ac­tu­ally hap­pen, be­cause things like that, well, they don’t hap­pen, and that is that.

Still, David Drumm was com­ing back to Ire­land, aban­don­ing his le­gal chal­lenge against ex­tra­di­tion from the US. And that, too, would have seemed a long shot in an older, more pre­dictable so­ci­ety. At the other end of the so­cio-eco­nomic spec­trum, Luas work­ers were sched­uled to go on strike on St Pa­trick’s Day, which was of course ex­cel­lent news for ev­ery­one want­ing an ex­cuse to miss the pa­rade — it had be­come so strange and so olde worlde for “the work­ers” to go on strike in any sit­u­a­tion, how­ever ter­ri­ble, per­haps they felt they needed to pro­vide some sort of a sweet­ener.

To the de­light of an en­tire class, the Elec­tion yielded a re­sult which was so un­man­age­able it would mean that, far from this be­ing the end of all their fun, for the po­lit­i­cal op­er­a­tors at ev­ery level it was just the be­gin­ning.

Tak­ing full ad­van­tage, they would con­trive to keep this great new racket called ‘gov­ern­ment for­ma­tion’ go­ing un­til May.

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