Sorry Yeatser, but it’s over

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Bad week for WB Yeats. First of all, his poem, The Lake Isle of In­n­is­free, was used by Bob Geldof in the promo for our World Cup bid. We’re not sure how Yeatser, as he is known among the rugby crowd, would have felt about this. But it’s not like the poem starts, “I will arise and go now, to front-up and drink 15 pints of Heino,” Sim­i­larly, he was never moved to pen, “Tread softly, or you might end up in­jur­ing one of your own men at the back of a ruck.” Things got worse for Yeatser later on in the week, when a bunch of his love let­ters failed to reach the es­ti­mate price at a Sotheby’s auc­tion. This would make you won­der. Maybe it’s time to say to Yeatser, sorry, but we’re just not that into you, any­more. Don’t worry, we’ll still call on you, when­ever we need to get the Yanks to come home for an­other Gath­er­ing, or per­suade a sport­ing body to give us a gig be­cause one of our lads had a great way with words. But, for now Yeatser, we’re sorry to say, it’s over.

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