We had sex then he blanked me. What do I do now?

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I need your help. I slept with an ex col­league a few weeks ago. I’m pretty sure he liked me as much as I liked him. He used to bring me in DVDS to watch.

A new per­son started work­ing with us a few months ago and she be­came ob­sessed with him.

She thought he and I were a cou­ple but she still made a play for him.

Since sleep­ing with him I have not heard from him but I know she is in con­tact with him.

He blocked me on Face­book re­cently and I don’t know why as I had not con­tacted him. How­ever, I know that the girl — who I still work with — sug­gested to him that I may be preg­nant.

He was a good friend and I’m sorry to have lost him.

I’d like to speak to him to set the record straight but don’t know how to ap­proach it.

AIT may well be that this guy took fright when he heard that you may be preg­nant which would be a pity be­cause it shows that he is fairly shal­low.

Or it may be that he con­sid­ered it was a mis­take to move your friend­ship on to a sex­ual level and de­cided that he wouldn’t have any more to do with you. Or per­haps he just didn’t en­joy him­self and de­cided to move on.

All of th­ese are pos­si­bil­i­ties, al­though none of them are par­tic­u­larly ap­peal­ing.

Block­ing you on Face­book is pretty nasty if he con­sid­ered him­self a friend of yours.

Could you have given him any rea­son, other than him sus­pect­ing that you might be preg­nant, like mes­sag­ing him too fre­quently in the past?

He al­ready knows where you are and how to get in touch with you but he has cho­sen not to.

If you des­per­ately feel the need to con­tact him then you could text him say­ing that you are sorry not to have heard from him and that you miss your chats.

Fill him in on what­ever has been hap­pen­ing with you and then as­sure him that you are not preg­nant de­spite what he may have heard.

How­ever, he may well choose not to an­swer so ask your­self how you would feel if this were to hap­pen.

I ex­pect that you would feel very much out of con­trol and un­able to do any­thing fur­ther.

The best ad­vice is to do noth­ing and move on.

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