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MY cousin sent me a slightly pan­icked text some day back in Oc­to­ber look­ing for help. She asked her daugh­ter, who is six, what she wanted for Christ­mas (first mis­take) and her re­ply was LOL Sur­prise! Big Sur­prise. But be­cause ev­ery other unimag­i­na­tive six-year-old in Ire­land also wanted a LOL Sur­prise! there wasn’t a sin­gle one to be found even though it was only Oc­to­ber and who starts buy­ing Christ­mas presents in Oc­to­ber for the love of Moses? Also, a more im­por­tant ques­tion I hear you ask: What the hell is LOL Sur­prise! Big Sur­prise? It’s ba­si­cally a plas­tic ball that you open and there is a doll in­side. LOL Sur­prise! is a doll in a ball that costs up to €80, so yes six-year-olds are suck­ers, but so are their par­ents. I didn’t tell my cousin that. In­stead, I said that I would go to ev­ery cor­ner of the UK to find my dar­ling cousin what she wanted to make all her dreams come true, then I checked Ar­gos and it was out of stock there too so I gave up. And I’m glad I did be­cause two weeks later when she asked her what she wanted again the an­swer was a dif­fer­ent over­priced toy and she had for­got­ten all about LOL Sur­prise! My point is when you think back on your favourite Christ­mas me­mories, I guar­an­tee 0.01pc of them are happy be­cause of a present you got, un­less you are that one lucky bas­tard whose par­ents ac­tu­ally got you a pony. I don’t re­mem­ber a sin­gle present my par­ents got me. I do re­mem­ber lov­ing when my god­fa­ther ar­rived ev­ery Christ­mas Eve with a cheque just for me, but it was him never for­get­ting his god-daugh­ter that I cared about, not the cheque. I re­mem­ber a warm house, muck­ing around in Su­perted py­ja­mas while my broth­ers tried to kill each other with Mec­cano pieces and de­spite them oc­ca­sion­ally try­ing to kill me too, feel­ing safe and loved.

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