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Cassie is a young nurse, in her 20s, who con­tacted me via our web­site, the­blood­sug­ She was very over­weight and on med­i­ca­tion to con­trol her blood sugar lev­els. She was a se­cret eater, con­stantly hun­gry and so des­per­ate to change that she was con­sid­er­ing weight loss surgery. She had tried ev­ery diet go­ing and noth­ing had worked.

Could I help? The an­swer was “yes”, if she was pre­pared to com­mit. Cassie told me she had no idea whether she would be able to stick to what sounded like a tough regime but she felt she had hit rock-bot­tom. “I have noth­ing to lose,” she told me.

What sur­prised her was that it didn’t take long to get into a new habit. The first few days were tough but she swiftly got into a rou­tine that worked for her. Lots of pro­tein and veg­eta­bles, no re­fined car­bo­hy­drates. In the evening, she would eat a smaller por­tion of what her hus­band was eat­ing — a stir-fry or a salad.

Af­ter just a week, the hunger ended. For the first time in her life she was no longer obsessed by food.

She stayed on the diet for eight weeks and lost just over 20kg. She sent me an email to say: “I feel amaz­ing. I don’t think about food any more. I’m full of en­ergy. Happy. I re­ally do think I have been given another chance at life. I feel in con­trol for the first time.”

Los­ing that weight meant she could come off all her med­i­ca­tion. And there was another pleas­ant sur­prise. A cou­ple of months af­ter fin­ish­ing the diet she sent me another email to say that af­ter years of try­ing, she was preg­nant.

“Thank you. Not only have you freed me from food and put me back in charge of my own life, but you have also helped me to make a lit­tle mir­a­cle pos­si­ble — which I never thought would hap­pen.”

— Dr Clare Bai­ley

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