Kerry’s record will be tough to beat

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Sir — Can I start by stat­ing that I would con­sider Colm O’Rourke to be the most knowl­edge­able and rea­son­able pun­dit on TV and in print.

How­ever, maybe the pas­sage of time dulled his mem­ory when he re­flected in last week’s Sun­day In­de­pen­dent on the present Dublin team, com­par­ing them favourably with the Kerry side of 1978-86.

I agree that com­par­isons of teams of dif­fer­ent eras are both fu­tile and sub­jec­tive. How­ever, com­par­isons can be made of achieve­ments of teams over sim­i­lar pe­ri­ods. So let us do that.

Kerry 1978-86 won four Al­lIre­lands in a row and another three in a row (a to­tal of seven) in just nine years.

Dublin 2011-17 won two Al­lIre­lands in a row and four in to­tal. To­day’s Dublin team has a roll of hon­our that is an on­go­ing project and it may in time in­deed sur­pass Kerry’s — but, in the mean­time, it pales in com­par­i­son to the King­dom.

Also while O’Rourke re­flects on other great teams in the past 40 years, he for­gets or chooses to ig­nore the Kerry team of the Noughties (played eight fi­nals in 10 years, win­ning five).

I would also sug­gest that that team, and per­haps also the Ty­rone team of that time, would chal­lenge this present Dublin — with whom cer­tain sec­tions of the me­dia are in­fat­u­ated. Paudie Cur­ran, Swords, Dublin

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