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HELLO, I’m Finn the bea­gle and I’ll be three soon. I came to Dublin al­most two years ago af­ter be­ing res­cued on Christ­mas Eve, and I am the third bea­gle that my owner, Dave, has had so nat­u­rally he thought he knew what he was get­ting.

Ev­ery bea­gle is dif­fer­ent and brings new chal­lenges. Peo­ple as­sume my name is Ir­ish, but I’m ac­tu­ally named af­ter a char­ac­ter in Star Wars who is some­times brave, of­ten cow­ardly and who is also very good at es­cap­ing. It suits me.

When I came to my new home I wanted to do some­thing nice for Dave.

I saw he’d left some money on the kitchen counter, so I tore it up into much smaller pieces so that it would fit into his pocket more eas­ily.

I thought his wife might feel left out, so I did the same with her sun­glasses.

They were so happy that they called a dog be­haviourist to ex­plain to them all the things they were do­ing wrong. We’re in a bet­ter place now.

Bea­gles get a low score on in­tel­li­gence tests be­cause you can’t train us, but re­ally that’s your prob­lem.

We are very happy to ne­go­ti­ate with you if you want us to do stuff that we’re not bred for, which is track­ing foxes, deer and bears — de­pend­ing on who you be­lieve.

I don’t ask for much, just a spoon­ful of por­ridge for my break­fast in the morn­ing and a lot of ex­er­cise.

I didn’t howl for the first 10 months, but then one day I de­cided to give it a shot on my way to the park.

I re­ally en­joyed it and found that I had a nat­u­ral gift, which would be a crime to waste.

It is a great way to let other peo­ple know that I’ve ar­rived in the park, and no mat­ter how far away they are, they can still hear me. Ev­ery­body knows me now.

I live close to Ward River Val­ley Park in Swords. It is my sec­ond home and I share it with foxes, rab­bits, ot­ters, hawks and herons.

I hate the herons, creepy di­nosaur birds.

The park cov­ers 220 acres, but re­cently some men with clip­boards came and de­cided that I should be on a lead in 219.5 of those acres.

In or­der to bet­ter pro­tect chil­dren (who I love), they have given me an of­flead area right be­side the play­ground.

Hon­estly, and there are some hu­mans who call bea­gles stupid! David Man­ning, Swords

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