GAA rule re­think

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Sir — Colm O’Rourke (Sport, Sun­day In­de­pen­dent, Oc­to­ber 7) reck­ons this ‘rules com­mit­tee’ wants to re­turn our game to its for­mer glory. Quite eas­ily done — pre­vent more than two chal­leng­ing the player in pos­ses­sion, pre­vent the one in pos­ses­sion charg­ing with the ball and al­low a safe tackle.

This will give an equal chance to ev­ery­body to do their job and make life eas­ier for the ref­eree. It will trou­ble mass de­fences. The only means of dic­tat­ing where a player can, or can­not be po­si­tioned, is by an off­side rule. We only need to reim­ple­ment a few old rules which are be­ing ig­nored. M Tee­han, Tip­per­ary

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