Kids get mo­tor­ing with Play­dough at Scoul Aonghusa

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DO any of you re­mem­ber your mother or grand­mother mak­ing home­made mala out of flour and wa­ter when you were small? Well that is ex­actly what the Ju­nior and Se­nior In­fants at Scoil Aonghusa were up to this week.

Brian Roache, a child­care stu­dent from Mal­low Col­lege of Fur­ther Ed­u­ca­tion, was in the school on work ex­pe­ri­ence and he did a play­dough mak­ing work­shop with the chil­dren.

Fine mo­tor skills de­vel­op­ment is a very im­por­tant part of a young child’s de­vel­op­ment as they use them for many things for ex­am­ple writ­ing, cut­ting with scis­sors and turn­ing the pages of a book. A child’s fine mo­tor skills de­velop as they learn to use the small mus­cles in their wrists, hands and fin­gers.

Play­ing with play­dough is not only fun but helps to strengthen th­ese mus­cles and de­velop fin­ger con­trol which can help de­velop pen­cil grip and con­trol. Why not try mak­ing some play­dough at home with your lit­tle ones, the fol­low­ing recipe is easy to make and it will keep for weeks in an air­tight con­tainer.

Ac­tiv­i­ties to do with the play­dough in­clude hid­ing ob­jects in it and get your child to hunt for the trea­sure with their fin­gers, make shapes with it and/or roll play­dough snakes and balls. Older chil­dren can make their play­dough into num­bers and let­ters and do some sim­ple sums or spell out their favourite words.

The play­dough recipe is as fol­lows; One cup of wa­ter, one ta­ble­spoon of vegetable oil, one half cup of salt, one ta­ble­spoon of cream of tar­tar, a few drops of food colour­ing and one cup of flour. Di­rec­tions are; Mix oil,salt, cream of tar­tar and food colour­ing in a saucepan and heat un­til warm.

Re­move from heat and add flour and stir and then knead un­til smooth.

Please en­sure to in­clude cream of tar­tar as it makes this dough last six months. Fi­nally store dough in an air­tight box or a seal­able freezer bag.

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