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What does DCI Mars­den do when she isn’t try­ing to nail the Mitchells? Does she have any other cases? Does she ever go to the pub? Google lists her ad­dress as ‘out­side the square’, which, I’m sorry, just isn’t good enough. I think we should be told.

On Thurs­day, she’s back again, with the sole pur­pose of telling Phil that he is old, alone, and should watch his back. She doesn’t be­lieve that Ben’s ha­tred for his dad has dis­ap­peared, and she leaves promis­ing that the mo­ment Phil makes a mis­take, she will be there to pull the Mitchells apart. Re­ally? She hasn’t man­aged it so far. She clearly can’t pull a brush through her un­kempt locks, and the Mitchells are made of sterner stuff.

Still, it’s enough to un­nerve Phil, and on Fri­day he sug­gests they all go to visit Grant. Oh, bril­liant, Phil. That’s just what you need as a calm­ing in­flu­ence in a cri­sis (any­way, isn’t Grant mak­ing pro­grammes about Afghanistan for Sky?). Phil is in such a state that when Roxy comes to the de­fence of psy­cho Ben, he comes close to re­veal­ing all. Will it be enough to drive Phil back to the bot­tle? Let’s hope so. Those vodka shares have plum­meted dur­ing his lat­est bout of so­bri­ety.

Is it me, or are the older char­ac­ters be­ing phased out of Wal­ford? I have noth­ing against young peo­ple, but I’m miss­ing the va­ri­ety that the likes of Peggy and Pat used to bring to the show. On Mon­day, with Tyler play­ing on Whit­ney’s mind, and Lucy and Lau­ren hav­ing fam­ily prob­lems, the trio have a night out. Don’t tell me... Lau­ren gets drunk... Yes, quelle sur­prise. On Tues­day, it’s too much for Lucy, who slams the door in Lau­ren’s face and tells her she’s on her own.

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